Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The loveliest of them all was the Uniquely Adorned

Some hats and rats and elephants, But sure as you're born
The loveliest of them all was the Uniquely Adorned...

My assignment was to make an item using manufactured yarn and homespun yarn together.  This was to allow knitters or crocheters to see what an item looks like using both since some knitters and crocheters can not afford to buy larger quantities of homespun yarn, or do not want to purchase larger amounts of homespun until they have tried it out first.  I used 100% kid mohair yarn spun thick and thin, plied with 1/8 inch pink, satin ribbon and manufactured, pink wool.  The wool was thinner than the homespun yarn, so I compensated for that when I crocheted the hat.

I hope this project will do the trick.  Blessings!  Dawn 

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