Monday, June 3, 2019


I just finished a new cowl.  It is called the Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Cowl.  It is designed by Laura Concert.  I used Yarn Rehab/Meadowcroft Dyeworks
Moon Lorn in m-232 - Dawson  
Superwash Merino Fingering Weight

I made a couple changes from the pattern.  I guess when you make a mistake, you call it a design element now.  LOL  For some reason I must have been one off on the center row of the first lace rows.  I didn't notice it until the second lace rows.   I decided to leave it that way and try to duplicate it on the last lace rows.  Hence, the design element.   I also eliminated the last repeat between the ribbing and the last lace stitches.  I wanted the top and the bottom to match.    I blocked the cowl, but not too much.  I like the purl stitches between the lace stitches to pop up somewhat.  The yarn was OK, but the ball fell apart because of my poor yarn winder tool.  I misplaced the good winder.  I think I spent as much time untangling the yarn as knitting with the yarn.

What have you made lately?  I hope you had a great weekend.  Thank you for viewing!

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