Monday, June 7, 2010

Umbrella Talk Along With Peach Pleasures and Lavender Gold Soap

When you need an umbrella and you can't find yours, should you be too proud to use your daughter's no matter how many tats you have or the way you look?
I made a large batch of Peach Pleasures and Lavender Gold soap today.  I divided the batch so I could have two fragrances.  The Peach Pleasures soap is a mixture of peach fragrance oil and Pleasures fragrance oil.  I also added powdered rosemary, thyme leaves and marigold petals for decor, along with mica and iron oxide.  Powdered goat milk soap, coconut milk powder, and powdered butter are also added.  The second soap is Lavender Gold with added French Lavender essential oil.

I found this in Fronter Freedom On-Line Magazine.  It is quite attractive.
Camouflage Soap - This has become everyone's favorite, and I have to give the credit to Ezekiel and Jedidiah. I was getting ready to make soap with flowers one day, but they begged me to make camouflage soap. It has become very popular. The black is from activated charcoal, which is great for removing odors. The green is comfrey from my garden. The brown is crushed and powdered spruce cones. The ivory is just the natural soap color. The shading and design will vary from batch to batch. Made by Jenny Lamb.

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