Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feed My Addiction!

Every time pink or pink rose-adorned doilies are found by shop owners at Polka Dot Rose, they send me an email. I am adicted like others are addicted to drugs. These are my drugs!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Vacation

I took a blog vacation. I am back. What are you working on at this time? I have several projects going, as usual. I am about to complete a plain pink shawl. It is only plain because of the plain stitching. The yarn is variegated flag yarn and it gives the shawl a lovely texture.

I ordered a new pair of needles. Do you see anything wrong with this picture??? One is at least 1/2 inch shorter. Interesting...........

My new glasses arrived this last week. They are from Sweet Necessi-teas. I love that lace!

I saw Lily Chin in the magazine Inside Crochet. Look closely. The dress and shawl are her designs. Has she been hiding? I have not seen anything of hers lately. Just in case you have not heard of her, she is a speed crocheter and a designer.

I started the on-line dating thing. I ended the on-line dating thing. Has anyone else had any on-line dating experiences they wish to share????????????