Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recycling and Going Green

I ordered a paper sack pattern from Farm Chicks.  Theirs if very nice but you print them off and use colored inc.  Then you pink the edges in a semicircle.  That is fine, but I got to thinking, (OH NO!), why do I not use the junk faxes from work and the messed up copies so long as I don't compromise any one's personal information.  I took a series of pictures and I think they will tell you what to do.  I think some nice pink tissue paper would be great inside and pinking the top or using a fancy pair of scissors would also add to the beauty.  These are just the right size for bars of homemade soap.

An elderly lady was in and she was wearing a t-shirt with beads going vertically on the center of the sleeve and the sleeve was gathered up with it.  I thought the beads gave the t-shirt a little dressy look so I had to ask.  She was happy to show me how it was made and posed for me.  It is something that anyone should be able to make. She recycled the beads and pin from another t-shirt she owned. 

I wonder what I can do with my beads......... 

I would be interested in your ideas on this technique.  Send me a comment.

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