Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New This Week

Only my chicken run has a basketball and a bowling ball.  (Compliments of the kids.)
We have 6 chicks.  Some from an order on line, some from one farmer, and some from another farmer.  This chicken has become mama hen to them and she calls them to her where they hang out with her and keep safe and warm. 
My son is holding Berger King like a parrot.  I guess she thinks she is one.  She is as pretty as one!
Peach Raspberry Pie Filling---Yum!
More Pot Holders this week.  I have been canning peaches. 
New pot holder.

My favorite of the newly crocheted pot holders.
I like the flower-centered pot holders.

Thanks for viewing! 

In case you were wondering, my bird cage at the top right hand side of my blog disappeared.  I guess I will have to change my design again.  

I hope you and yours have a blessed day!  Dawnie

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yoder Small Animal Auction

Pure Innocence

The auctioneer is Mennonite.  I got a kick out of the auctioneer wearing a light pink shirt and his helper had a pale peach shirt on.  Real men do wear pink.  LOL

G at the auction

G watching the auction

G watching the auction

Free Kittens
I don't know why, but I enjoy going to auctions.  I like to see what others have to sell.  I like to watch the people and see how much they will bid on something they want, even if it is well over priced.  Years ago we went to auctions and we laughed about people purchasing out of date food for more than new food would sell for in the store.  The bidding war takes hold of people and they have to outbid the other person, even if the item is not desirable to anyone else.......   Yoder is an Amish community and I especially enjoy watching the children.  I took G with me and it was his first auction.  He is 22 years old and it is about time he attended an auction.  At first he complained about the noise of the animals, having to wait for the auction to start, and how boring it was.  Then when it started and he figured out what was going on, he enjoyed himself.  I gave him money to pay for something he wanted and he decided to bid on a hen and it totally slipped his mind when the hen came up to bid.   During the auction, G tapped the shoulder of the auctioneer and stopped him while he was trying to sell a cage of chickens, just to ask a question about what the auctioneer was selling.  I wish more people would be less intimidated by others and ask more questions.  After the auction we went to the local restaurant to eat.  They are always packed, but the food has gone down hill.  I remember when......LOL.  Well, I do remember when the restaurant was on the other side of the road and from scratch meant from scratch.  Gravy and pudding mixes were not used.  Friday, the roll was dry, I had lumps in my coconut pie because they had not stirred it well when it was mixed on the stove and the meat tasted like it had been in the refrigerator unwrapped for days picking up all of the other flavors and lacking the meat flavors.  The mashed potatoes and gravy were good, but it tasted sweet.  Do people add sugar to potatoes and gravy? I have eaten steamed veggies at a restaurant and they added a small amount of sugar and butter to them.  Could it be that way with potatoes and gravy?   I am really not that particular but for two of us, we spent over $30.00 without the tip.  Of course when they ask you how the food was, there were two lines to pay and people waiting to go in and you would feel like a schmuck if you really told them.  What are you to do?   I couldn't tell them how I felt with people there waiting to go in.  What would you do?  I didn't rave about the food being good, but I didn't say it was awful.  I said in an understated way, "It was OK."   I did enjoy the auction, and it was not a total bust.  The scenery going to Yoder was lovely and the whether was perfect.  I did buy some great meat and cheese from the shop that sells Yoder Meats and gifts.  Since I am complaining about the food, I should get all of the complaints off my chest.  (I am not PMSing so get that out of your mind.)  G does not take baths on a regular basis. It is a funky odor and not a regular arm pit or poo odor.  I did not realize he had such an odor until we got to the auction.  I thought when we were outside, the smell would not be so noticeable.  Of course he had to stand next to me, call me mom and hug on me.  I do love G as a child, even though he is not my child.  He does live at our home and has been her a year.  I have discussed hygiene with him before and we tell him to take a shower if he wants to go with the family when we go out.  I didn't take the other two kids with me this time because D was caught lying and I thought it would be a good outing for G and me.  Little did I know.  LOL  I did tell him after the auction that the farmers smelled better than he did.  I think that went over his head.  How was your week?   Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie  

Meet The Girls

Happy Feet



Sunny D







Teen---Half n Half 

Teen---Frizzle Frazzle

Teen---Mini Me

Teen---Berger King


Baby---farmyard unspecified breed---hidden in the tall grass.
At this time, we have 10 laying hens about a year old and we get about 6-7 eggs a day from them.  We also have some younger girls, (we hope they are girls), we call teenagers and a few babies.  The babies are both boys and girls and the sex of them is undetermined at this time.  I thought I would share some pictures.  Some names have changed because the nick names have stuck.  Uno is called this because she had eye worm and only one good eye at that time, so the name stuck.  Berger King was originally named Queenie, but my son thought her crown looked like the Berger King crown, so this name stuck.  Owlie looks like and owl and Crow looks like a crow.  Half n Half is half Silkie and half Frizzle.  As she has grown, her naked black body filled in with white puff feathers and black and white frizzle feathers.  She is also half black and half white.  Multi has multiple colors, so that name stuck.  As you see, we lack the talent to name animals wonderful names.   If you have some great names, please share them with me.