Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The loveliest of them all was the Uniquely Adorned

Some hats and rats and elephants, But sure as you're born
The loveliest of them all was the Uniquely Adorned...

My assignment was to make an item using manufactured yarn and homespun yarn together.  This was to allow knitters or crocheters to see what an item looks like using both since some knitters and crocheters can not afford to buy larger quantities of homespun yarn, or do not want to purchase larger amounts of homespun until they have tried it out first.  I used 100% kid mohair yarn spun thick and thin, plied with 1/8 inch pink, satin ribbon and manufactured, pink wool.  The wool was thinner than the homespun yarn, so I compensated for that when I crocheted the hat.

I hope this project will do the trick.  Blessings!  Dawn 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Banks of Noon Botanicals

My sis makes soaps and as of yet has not placed them on her website.  I found these pics on Facebook.   I was so impressed that I had to show them off.  While I am on a bathroom topic, here is a pic of my great nephew when he got caught tearing up toilet paper.  He is adorable!  How can you get mad at this?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lone Crane

Most every day I see a crane on the lake with out a mate or friend.   I see him in need of a friend, but he or she may have chosen to be away from others in a quiet peaceful surrounding.  I purchased some apricots last evening at a local grocery store.  The aroma given off as they are lovingly devoured reminds me of sunshine, green waving grass, grandma in her kitchen canning apricots picked from her front yard tree; all of these give me the feeling of being in a quiet peaceful surrounding just as the crane.  It also gives me a feeling of security and being loved.  Grandmas have a way of doing that.  I wonder if the stork has that feeling too?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Grage Sale

Against my better judgment, I had a garage sale this weekend.  I sold a little less than $100.00 worth of items.  We still have a refrigerator, many, many, many, teaching items, and a few other misc. items.  I hate to give away all of the teaching items since there was much time and money involved in putting the supplies together.  Many of the teaching items were only used once, and some were not even used.  I advertised for the sale and that cost about $40.00.  I also dropped my phone in the water and now I am having telephone issues, that may cost me an arm and a leg.  I gave 2 boxes of books, (Most like new), a couple toys, and a box of craft supplies to a co-worker.  She took some items to a church preschool she takes her daughter to.  On a positive side, I was able to  clean out 1/2 of the garage, but the items left from the sale can not be picked up by a by the AM VETS or GOODWILL for 9-21 days.  I bet they would be there faster to get my donation if it was money.  lol  Maybe my son was right when he told me to just throw it all in a construction dumpster and be done with it.  It sure would have been much easier!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Make Mine Pink

Today I joined Make Mine Pink which is a group of businesses that come together in one website for fantastic feminine shopping!  Speaking of pink, I bent over and picked up a piece of a spinning wheel in the dark last night and poked my eye with a clothes steamer.  We have extra items in the living room since we are getting ready for a garage sale.  I guess the eye is more red than pink.  Ouch!

Monday, June 14, 2010

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

I would love to show you a picture of something that I completed, but....  It was one of those weeks that you take one step forward and two steps backward.  Yesterday, I cleaned the cage for the African Gray Parrots and relocated the cage to my bedroom.   As we were moving things around, my son knocked over my clothes rack.  It was packed with clean clothes, so I had to clean up that mess, just to stay even.  We did however, add a bunny to the family.  It is a white, Jersey Woolie, (They are called Dwarf Angora rabbits in Australia.), and he has red eyes. It is all full of fluff.  My son named it Cotton Balls.  He thought it was appropriate, since the bunny was a boy.  Today, he is thinking of Fluff.  Tomorrow?????   Pictures will be posted soon.  Blessings!  Dawn

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Products

The little purple items are face puffs for washing your face and the off-white item is a soap sleeve.  I have soap holders that are not open on both ends such as the sleeves.  These may be easier to remove the bar of soap to allow it to dry between uses.  A hard bar of soap last longer than a soft bar of soap. 

Umbrella Talk Along With Peach Pleasures and Lavender Gold Soap

When you need an umbrella and you can't find yours, should you be too proud to use your daughter's no matter how many tats you have or the way you look?
I made a large batch of Peach Pleasures and Lavender Gold soap today.  I divided the batch so I could have two fragrances.  The Peach Pleasures soap is a mixture of peach fragrance oil and Pleasures fragrance oil.  I also added powdered rosemary, thyme leaves and marigold petals for decor, along with mica and iron oxide.  Powdered goat milk soap, coconut milk powder, and powdered butter are also added.  The second soap is Lavender Gold with added French Lavender essential oil.

I found this in Fronter Freedom On-Line Magazine.  It is quite attractive.
Camouflage Soap - This has become everyone's favorite, and I have to give the credit to Ezekiel and Jedidiah. I was getting ready to make soap with flowers one day, but they begged me to make camouflage soap. It has become very popular. The black is from activated charcoal, which is great for removing odors. The green is comfrey from my garden. The brown is crushed and powdered spruce cones. The ivory is just the natural soap color. The shading and design will vary from batch to batch. Made by Jenny Lamb.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I noticed a pair of shoes on this tree stump several months ago.  The pair of  shoes is still there.  Why? 
Does it blend in too much?

How does this view look today?  It is so peaceful by the water. 

More Baby Geese Pictures

Look at all of these beautiful babies!
As you see, the farm geese and the Canadian geese mate and we have some rather funny combinations.  They are still eating mulberries!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Soap & Wilted Lettuce

I completed another batch of soap.  It has magnolia/tuber rose fragrance, pulverized tangerines, and shay butter.  Interesting combination???  I sprinkled the top with a strawberry pop colored mica which gave it a pretty shine.  The soap set up very fast and there are a few places that had air and the soap did not get into the mold as it should have.  The soap did come out with a wonderful fragrance and  a lovely swirl pattern.  It is also a very hard bar of soap and hard soap lasts longer than a softer bar of soap.

As I was cooking a large pot of greens, I was reminded of wilted lettuce. Have you ever had any? My grandmother Mary made the best wilted lettuce. She cooked bacon. Cut that up. Added to the bacon and grease a little sugar and a large hand full of fresh garden lettuce. She tossed that around and then put a little vinegar on top. This along with the bacon and grease made it wilt down. A large hand full of lettuce wilts down to very little. If you like sweet and sour, this is a great dish.