Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do roads make you wonder where they lead?

I always want to know where roads lead, especially remote out of the way roads, like this one in Ireland.

I am trying to put products on the website, but it is going very slow. I believe there are 11 products so far!!!!! I had to learn the system and that was very time consuming. I just can't wait until all of my products are listed!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The scarf is attached in this project. I liked the look and I wanted to test the pattern first, so I am making an unattached scarf with the same lace pattern.

Just Ducky!

Two versions of this cozy. The yarn is homespun!

All cozies are lined with fabric or fiber. This one has cotton fabric with cotton batting as lining. The exterior is wool and cotton, so the teapot should stay very warm. Some cozies are knitted inside and out.

This cozy is made with homespun yarn and the exterior is felted. This makes the fiber much more dense. It is also lined with cotton fabric with cotton batting.

Weekends are wonderful for working on projects and trying to get things done. I finally finished 4 tea cozies, a baby blanket, a baby toy, and started a scarf for me. I did not get the wall painted or the laundry finished though! How do people with lots of young kids and a big house get things done? I know I am poor with time management and plan to work on that for the future, if I can manage my time to fit it in.

I tried to post earlier, but I found a few porn pictures that had to be disposed of, thanks to my teen age boy. I thought I was bring up pictures of a tea cozy and found people cozy in other ways.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Notice the lady in this card is knitting!
I was wondering the other day about wearing underwear that display the days of the week. I haven't seen them in stores for a long time. Were they on the underwear for teaching us the days of the week, or were they on the underwear for teaching us about hygiene, or were they for selling more underwear since you can't wear a Monday pair on a Thursday??? What if you are in an accident?

I am working on an afghan for my great-nephew Oliver. He is due to be born almost any time. The afghan looks like it is a dull yellow, but it is a very bright yellow.

I finished the cottage tea cozy, except for the lining. I am debating on changing the flowers in the window boxes and along the door. I just can't decide. Any thoughts? This is made with the tweed yarn I made in a previous post. I felted it and it will keep a pot of tea nice and warm. I line all cozies, so this will have a nice flowered lining with a layer of cotton batting. The lining will be removable so it can be washed easily. The thatched roof is made from natural colored gray wool.