Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Loops or Rings

I hang 2 or 3 potholders by my stove because I have limited drawer space in my kitchen.  My mother places all but one of hers in a drawer by her stove.  My brother hates the loops.  He thinks the plastic ones melt and the other loops get in his way.  What is your preference? 

I like to place loops in the corners of the hot pads/potholders I make. If I knit or crochet them, I usually make a loop with yarn.  If I use fabric to make them, I sew a small plastic hoop on a corner of the fabric.  I have used a leather strip for hanging in the past along with crocheting around the plastic rings.  I find that the rings are what wear will out the fastest on potholders. I found plastic loose-leaf paper rings.  The box I ordered has 5 colors of rings which can be easily installed and removed from a potholder if desired. 


What do you think?  

My grandmother and us 4 kids in the early 60's.
They provided this mobile home for my dad as part of his salary.  I am on the left looking goofy.

My younger brother in the 80's?.  The sweater I knitted for him.

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