Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snuggle Bunny!

We are finding Joy to be a ball of fun energy.  She snuggles up with Dylan when he is sleeping.  We had a cold snap so I even made her a sweater.

I caught her.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


We drove to Enid yesterday to pick up a new dog at the SPCA. They had 5 Toy Fox Terriers at the shelter.  My son looked on-line and found one that looked like our Annie. We had two other Toy Fox Terriers in the past and we wanted to replace our Annie with another one like her.  The new family member's name is Joy and she is much smaller than Annie was, but Annie was way too big for her breed.  Joy is so lovable and my son has enjoyed her immensely.

Dylan and Joy are both fully grown. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty Pink Peppermint!

Pretty Pink Peppermint....Say that 10 times real fast.  I can't.  LOL
My soap room is pink again.  Yesterday I made pink peppermint bath bombs.  I used some pink mica and colored jojoba beads for added beauty.  At times, but not often LOL, I get a request to make bath products without glitter.  I prefer tons of glitter on most everything and at our house, we all wear it accidentally due to the fact that it gets on everything.  We teased each other a burglar we previously had at home, could be identified by the glitter on the bottom of his shoes.  I think I watch too much CSI.  LOL  I thought the colored jojoba beads would be great to add a little extra pizazz to bath and beauty items without the glitter.  I also made some of the bombs in small heart shapes so they would be great in foot baths.  Just the right size and with peppermint essential oil for that soothing effect.   It will also relax your muscles, help with foot pain, and of course it would leave your feet smelling minty fresh!

On these photos, you may notice my new tags.  I glitterized them too.  Glitterized may not be a word in your language, but it is in mine.  LOL
I think I showed you this hand towel before.  Just in case you did not see it, I am showing it off again, in the more wrinkled version.  I had a pillow case with this nice crocheted basket on it.  The case had wear and a small hole on it, but not on the side of the case with the crocheted basket.  I just did a little sewing and made the pillow case into a hand towel.  It is always better to re-purpose than to toss away hand made beauty. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I found a wonderful blog that offers free images. It is Magic 
Moonlight, http://magicmoonlightfreeimages.blogspot.com.
Blanca, a primitive artist from La Quinta, California is the 
author of that blog. 

The images below are from Blanca.  Thank you Blanca!
I love pictures of young love!

This looks like a young me.  LOL

This would make a great Sunday Undie tag.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Days are Better Than Others!

Saturday was an odd day for us.  We had to put our little dog to sleep, so we said goodbye to our faithful friend and companion Annie.  I am posting a few pictures of her.   We will miss her!

See the smile on her face?
She was dog tired.
See her roll her tongue.  LOL
I also got my mail and found this odd letter in it.    Let me explain, my husband passed away more than two years ago.  This letter is to him.  It starts out, "When will it be too late for you to qualify, Robert Jones?...No medical exam needed."  Unless they have bring back the dead insurance, why am I getting this ???  I know that it takes a while for marketers to get names off of lists, but you would think insurance lists would be better at it.  I guess not.

I was able to hang out at Twist Yarn Shop and The Flying Pig.  They are two of my favorite shops in town.  You may even find my products in these shops from time to time.  I learned that a small bath fizzie, or bath bomb is good for feet soaking or to put in a foot bath.  What a great idea Shelly, from Twist, gave me.

Occasionally you have a need for a paper doilie.  I just received these from Fancy Flours. 
Life is too short for ugly.  LOL

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and may God Bless You!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bird with Bling!

Do you remember the old chicken pot holders?  You put two extra full crocheted circles together and doctored them up.  I decided to do an updated version with bling.  I wanted to make it smaller and fit on the knob of a pan or on the top of a teapot and used when pouring hot tea.  My version is as follows:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nesting Again!

I wanted to make a nest using a sustainable product that I already had.  I tried using paper shreds before and that was OK, but the nests came out large since the shreds were larger. The bottom left hand side is the nest I made.  Well, what do you think of my finished product?  What do you think I used? 

Oh, I thought I would show you my duck.  LOL  OK, it is my son with chip lips.

So, have you figured out what I used to make the nest?  I'll confess, I used wool and needle felted the nest.   I used a Merino cross sheep wool and it has a lot of crimp.   Of course, it is soft too.  Some of the wool has been opened and some is still together on the tips.  I plan to put 3-5 egg-shaped bath bombs, (or fizzies), into the nest.   What do you think?

Friday, March 11, 2011


I am awful at doing puzzles.  I thought I would occasionally put one in my blog so I might be able to practice.  lol
Click to Mix and Solve

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I know you all think I am nuts, but I have made some changes on my blog and I added a couple of items to the bottom of each post.  Unfortunately they have a rectangle outline and I do not know how to remove that.  I will read up on that tomorrow.  I how you all have a blessed evening!