Sunday, December 9, 2018


Not long ago I purchased a hat kit from Jimmy Beans Wool.  It was

This got me in the mood to make more.  I gave 4 away, so far.   Then I switched to knitting and made the rest of the hats in a version of the watch cap.  This pattern has been around for 100 or so years.  When switching from the ribbing to the stockinette or stocking stitch, I go up one or two needle sizes.  Ribbing stitching is always larger than the body of the hat.

I like to watch the podcast Chelsea Pearls.  They discussed making hats using a carrier yarn of lace weight mohair and silk blend.  I don't know who started the fad, but it carried on and many different wool dyers have laceweight mohair.  This is a link to a recent podcast.  Ahe has a beautiful yarn store, but it is a little far for me to drive to.  (Redbank, New Jersey)

I made a hat very similar to the watch cap and used a multi-colored wool and a lace weight mohair as a carrier yarn.  On the top part, every 5th row, I only used the mohair.  This gave the hat a little-striped effect, however, it is not easily noticed.  On the next hat, I used the same mohair, but the wool was worsted weight from Plymouth and it was in the color name lipstick.  I picked this out for my grand-daughter who loves to wear lipstick and her favorite color is pink.  When these two yarns were knitted together, it made the yarn a little more of a cherry red.  I crocheted the edge in the mohair yarn and put I an embellishment on the top of the hat.

The hat I am making at this time is the Cookiegate colorway from Chelsea Yarns.  Luxe Superwash DK Merino and Luxe Mohair with 72 % mohair and 28 % silk.   Mohair without the silk added is too scratchie for me to wear close to my skin.  The hat is very, very soft.  The Merino is brighter than the Mohair blend.  The Mohair blend reminds me of antique lavender and mauve colors.  Anyway, when you use gray in a blend, it makes the color duller.  I think I could use a gray pompom for the top, or maybe a natural fox.  There is a small amount of a cherry red popping out here and there.  I may be able to even use a cherry red pompom.

What are you working on?  After the last blast of cold, I decided my close friends and family needed to have a warm hat.  Years ago I made hats for all of my friends and family every year for Christmas.  It has been at least 10 years since I made hats.  I guess it is time for me to start again.  I hope they wear them proudly.

Do you notice the stripes on the top of the hat on the right?  The kit is the one in the very center with the mauve colored pompom.

Grandbaby's hat


Thank you for viewing!  I hope you all have a warm and blessed holiday season!  Dawnie