Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I worked on a little remodeling at home this weekend. The birds, (large parrots), liked to eat and peal the paneling behind their cages. I could patch the wall, or remove the paneling and see what was under it. I assumed that there would be glue, since the paneling was installed at the time the house was built. I removed the first piece of paneling and I saw writing with glue. What do you think from the picture what it would say??? Well, It actually says "I love Carol."

I saw a powder puff made from Merino wool. I decided that I needed to make some for me. I practiced a couple of times and found that it is hard to keep the wool together without it pulling out of the puff. I think I have it figured out, finally. I do think it may matt a little since the wool is so soft. Most all wool is soft, until it is spun, so other kinds will work fine too.

I painted my bathroom walls. They came out very pink, compared to the pale pink that they were. I wanted to put up new drapes and I picked out the fabric. I wanted a valance with little yoyo's along the bottom of the valance. I started making the yoyo's and I changed my mind. I placed off white lace curtains up instead. The other print would be too bright since the walls were so pink. Well, I decided to keep going with the yoyo string. I placed rose buttons every two yoyos. I think the yoyo garland is such a cute thing. It can be used anywhere a garland can be used. What do you think?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Valentine's Everywhere

Have you ever noticed that hearts are everywhere. I was cleaning the dining room table off and I noticed part of a cracker left on the table was in the shape of a heart. This lead me to photograph hearts. What you are looking at is a sack caught in a tree and mom's vintage sewing drawer.
If you have an unexpected or unusual heart, let me know. I may want to post it.

Valetine Give Away!

Anyone is welcome to enter my Valentine Give Away. Each entrant should go to my website at
http://www.custercottage.com/ and view my items for sale. Then leave a comment on this post and tell me what you like or do not like about my website. There should be a new website design within a week to 10 days, so you are welcome to enter now and again in 10 days to see what you think of the new design. On February 6th, around 5PM, I will randomly draw a name and notify the winner. This should give me enough time to mail the package for it to arrive by Valentine's Day.

Trip to the Country

I decided to post country pictures for city folk that do not get to the country very often. This week end we went to my mother's, so we took cow pictures for you to view.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Undies!

Today, on the way to my mother's house, I came across a windmill where all of tCheck Spellinghe fan parts, except one were missing. In the background, I had oldies playing on a CD. My first thought about the windmill, was it being past it's prime. Then I thought that I am a little past my prime too. I know you are wondering what this has to do with Valentine's Day. Well, I went a little further and a farmer had a sign made with a windmill fan on one side and a cow on the other. The windmill fan looked like the end of an arrow and that put me in the Valentine mood. This year is the first year I will not have a Valentine, except for my sweet son. My spouse of 32 years passed away from lung cancer this year. So, I decided to find a new Valentine and have a Valentine give away. I do not mean a man, necessarily, just someone that follows my blog and is interested in the give away. Soon, you will see what I am going to give away. Keep watching.

I am posting 3 new Sunday Undies. These are hotpads to put under your teapot. They are fancy enough for Sunday, but can be used for everyday. They are not intended for a burning pan from the stove to be placed on them. They are for placing under your teapot, or for placing under food items at the table. As you see, one of them actually has fabric backing with underwear designs on it! They all are made with homespun wool. 2 have velvet ribbons running through the crocheted design. A tiny blue rose backing is used with brown wool, which has little bits of blue mohair speckling the yarn.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow! Snow! Snow!

It has been so bitter could here! We had 2 inches of snow early Thursday morning. I started thinking about the $3.00 blankets that Target had for sale around Christmas time. I would like to know how many of those would be needed to keep a homeless person warm. Burr!
Valentine's Day will be here soon and I love the chocolates and roses!!! I have been working on new Valentine items and they will soon be on the website.

Friday, January 9, 2009


It was a little slow at my main job this week, so I started making yoyos. I even got my co-worker making them. I finished a hotpad in mostly pink and green. We came up will all kinds of ways to use yoyos!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

CVM Hat in Military &/or Fall Colors

I finally finished the crocheted hat for my son, using CVM wool. I was going to 3-ply the yarn since it was so thinly spun. Instead, I tried it 2-ply and liked the way it looked. There was just one thing missing. The center of the hat needed a little something. I planned to go to G I Rose and get a little pin or something. We ended up at an antique store and found a little pin. I have no idea what it stands for, but the colors worked with it. What do you think?

Now that I opened the door to the hats, I want you to see the other hats that I made in my Doilie Head Line. All are made with 100% wool, aside from the decorations. There are 4 patterns shown in the picture. I started these about 3 years ago, and I am now, just finishing the last pattern to put with them, or at least the last pattern for now.

The third thing I wanted to show is the fabric under the hats. I make hotpads to put under teapots. They may be a bit fancy, but they can be used for everyday use, not just for Sundays. I found this fabric on the Internet. It has fancy panties, bras, and slippers all over a modeled pink background. I thought it would make a Sunday Undie, or the lining of one. Isn't it adorable!