Sunday, February 26, 2017

Waffles and Lace

Do you ever get on a kick and you make one thing for ages.  I am on that kick.  I do a little bit of other things, but I am on a washcloth, facecloth, dishcloth kick and I can't make enough of them.   I think my count is about 42 right now.  I make them with a DK cotton yarn and not the thick preaches and cream thick yarn that most people use.  My washcloths do not hold as much water as the thick yarn and they are not very large.  Between uses the washcloths should dry out to avoid bacteria.

When making my dishcloths/facecloths/washcloths, I have been using various waffle knitting patterns and lace knitting patterns.

 Have you been in a rut or made one item for a long time?  What did you make?

Which lace pattern do you like best?

I hope you had a great weekend!!!

Sweet grand baby 2

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Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Lace

Continuing with washcloths and/or dishcloths.......

Tweed Mock Rib Kitchen Set

I have used the above link.  It makes a pretty, lace design, but it is slow going.  I am not very fast knitting with passing the slipped stitch over 2 stitches.  I also use a thinner cotton yarn than most dishrags call for.  I use a DK or fingering weight yarn.  I think this delicate design would be best for a washcloth.
Do you like it better in a dark colored cotton or a light colored cotton?

The next dishcloth/washcloth I knitted was a "Yarn Over Cable Cloth."  It is a mock cable, lace pattern.  This design was copyrighted by Vaunda Rae Giberson and found in the Dishcloth Botique on Ravelry for free.

The third lace is also featured in the Dishwasher Boutique on Ravelry.  It is called Lacy Knit Dishcloth.