Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rag Rug Table Runner

So many things have happened lately.  I took a little break and had a hysterectomy.  I am doing fine and have recovered much faster than I expected.  

I learned a new craft/skill.  It is another method of making a rag rug.  I have crocheted and knitted rag rugs, rug mugs, and  hot pads in the past where I used fabric strips. When I crocheted and knit with fabric, I tried to keep the fabric strips about 3/4 wide and use a large hook or needles.  When my great-grandmother crocheted rag rugs, she used a large wooden crochet hook and single crochet into the back loops.  She usually made round rugs.  The fabric she used came from old clothes. If an old shirt would be used, the buttons would be taken off.  The buttons would would be strung together with thread and placed in the button jar.  Who wants to hunt for matching buttons so stringing them together is a must.  Then the seams would be cut out of the shirt.  The pieces of shirt fabric would be cut on the bias, or ripped into 2 inches wide strips.  These strips would be sewn together on the bias using a sewing machine.  Then they would be wound into a ball.  She would fold the outside edges in to meet in the center and then fold the strips in again and iron the folds into place.  This would be like making a bias tape.  

My grandmother made many of these fabric balls and sent them to Grand Island where a military hospital was.  The men made rugs on a weaving loom and sold the finished product.  I think the making of the rugs was a form of therapy. 

When I make my little rugs, I sometimes string along a novelty yarn, such as an eyelash yarn.  This adds a nice accent to the fabric.  I never fold or iron the pieces because I think the fray of the fabric edges gives it some character.  I also use new cotton fabric which can be referred to as quilting fabric.

With the new method using a frame or loom, I learned, I make the rugs, mug rugs, table runner, pot holders, etc. using 1 1/2 inch strips.  This method is called twining. You can learning about twining here:
AND here

My finished table runner:

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