Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Soap & Wilted Lettuce

I completed another batch of soap.  It has magnolia/tuber rose fragrance, pulverized tangerines, and shay butter.  Interesting combination???  I sprinkled the top with a strawberry pop colored mica which gave it a pretty shine.  The soap set up very fast and there are a few places that had air and the soap did not get into the mold as it should have.  The soap did come out with a wonderful fragrance and  a lovely swirl pattern.  It is also a very hard bar of soap and hard soap lasts longer than a softer bar of soap.

As I was cooking a large pot of greens, I was reminded of wilted lettuce. Have you ever had any? My grandmother Mary made the best wilted lettuce. She cooked bacon. Cut that up. Added to the bacon and grease a little sugar and a large hand full of fresh garden lettuce. She tossed that around and then put a little vinegar on top. This along with the bacon and grease made it wilt down. A large hand full of lettuce wilts down to very little. If you like sweet and sour, this is a great dish.

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