Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days.  I went to the grocery store after work.  When did men start wearing make-up?  The cashier at a local grocery store was wearing face and eye make-up.  I guess I am out of the loop.  Well, anyway, the issue that bothered me was a coupon the cashier gave me.  I handed the coupon back to him and told him I would not use it since I noticed in the group of 4 items a depends picture.  So the cashier gave it to the people in line and said something like maybe they can use it.  The lady looked at the coupon and said something like yes, I guess you wouldn't need tampons, then she laughed.  I didn't see the tampons in the group of items on the coupon, and no I doubt I would use the coupon for tampons, but I found that to be an insult.  How old did she think I was?   Some of us older people still have periods.  They are much shorter, but we still have them.  We also still have PMS!!!!!  Good thing I bought some Raisin Rum Ice Cream to drown my sorrows in. 

I hope you are having a great week!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is a showgirl chicken?; Nostalgia; Spring blooms

What in the world is a showgirl chicken?  It is a chicken created by crossing a Turken with a Silkie.  The offspring have naked necks like the Turken, but 5 toes, dark skin, and feathers like the Silkie.

These are rarely seen in most flocks, but they are gaining popularity and we will see them more often.  We purchased one yesterday from a breeder not too far from us.  What do you think about this little girl?

My grandfather Shull
The Shull Family.  My grandfather is on the right.

My sister and I.  I am on the right.

The flowers are blooming!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Marbled Hard Boiled Eggs

Everyone seems to have a different method to making marbled eggs.  I saw marbled eggs about 20 years ago in a Victoria magazine.  A wedding table was displayed and on that table were marbled deviled eggs.   I had to make them.  My method is to boil eggs in the usual method.  Pour off some of the water, but no more than half.  Remove each egg and tap with the back of the spoon so the shells crack---don't hit too hard---crack on all sides.  Put all cracked eggs back in the water.  Place one cup of vinegar into the water.  Add food coloring--liberally.   Put the pan on to boil for about 2 minutes.  This should do the trick.  I pour off the colored water and shell the eggs.  I have used ice to cool the eggs down, but today the shells came off easy.   I only use one color, but several could be used if you place the eggs, water, and vinegar in several pans.  You can also shell a couple at a time while leaving the other eggs in the colored water.  This will give you variation in the depth of the color.  I hope you give this method a try.  I used a turquoise liquid food coloring.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fodder Improved My Egg Production

I have started feeding my girls (chickens) fodder.  I talked about this method one other time and you can view that blog at:  My fodder is a supplement to the regular feed, which is a mix of pellets and scratch (mixed grains).  I grow one or two tubs of fodder at the same time.  I first start with the jar and I soak grains overnight in the jar.  The next day, I rinse the seeds and tilt the jar to remove the excess water.  Most people would use the kitchen drainer, but I found (by accident) that a lamp holder for kerosene lamps works great for draining the seeds.  I leave the seeds in the jar until they begin to show signs of growth (2 days or so).  Then I place the seeds in a dish pan which has holes randomly placed in the bottom for draining the seeds.  I place the pan up a little so the seeds to not set in water and can drain the water off. I use two small bowls to raise the pan.   I try to spray the seeds 3 times a day and toss the drained water.  The fodder can be fed to the chickens once the seeds start to grow or after the growth is several inches tall.  These pans are on my kitchen counter, but they can easily be moved when I need more space.  The reasons I use fodder are pretty simple:
1.  Fodder grows into large grasses from a tiny amount of grain and the chickens eat the roots and all.
This saves me money.
2.  Fodder is healthy for the chickens.  I eat the eggs, so I want healthy chickens.
3.  The chickens love the fodder.
4.  Fodder can be grown year round, even when snow is on the ground.
5.  My egg production has increased.  I contribute some of it to the addition of fodder.  It may only be one egg a day, but that could be significant for someone with a large operation.  I only have 10 hens.  Note:  I have taken into consideration that the weather is nicer, even though it snowed one day last week, the sun shines longer each day, and the girls are all egg producers.  I was only getting  4 eggs a day last month.  I get 7 and 8 eggs a day now. 

You can get started for little money.  I bought organic wheat when I first started.  I now have purchased oats and a blend of grains which is better for the girls.  I mix these grains and the wheat

Thank you for viewing.  Let me know how you grow fodder if you are growing it, or if you have future fodder plans.

I hope you and yours are spiritually uplifted this Holy weekend!  Dawnie

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why do we laugh at the People of Wallmart?

What compels us to laugh at "The People of Wall-mart or the Wall-Martians?"  Are we glad we were not caught looking goofy?  Did the people in those pictures loose a bet and have to wear the tutu?  We have all been caught without clean clothes, but we don't pull our pants over our breasts and go out in public without a top.  Is the reason we enjoy Wall-Martians because they are just plain funny?  Many times the clothes of the Wall-Martians are several sizes too small and body parts are not fully covered.  Other times it is the choice of clothing such as women's clothes on men and men's clothes on women.  Light skinned women should not wear flesh colored skinny jeans since it looks like the person is naked.  When did it become acceptable to wear pajamas in public?  What about fuzzy house slippers?  I have forgotten to change my shoes and put on office appropriate shoes at work.  Until I walked inside the office building, I didn't realize I had on my fuzzy flip flops.  What do you wear when you go to Wall-Mart?  Do you put on your pajamas before you leave home?  Recently a young girl told me that she does not like the Wall-Martian photos because it makes fun of people.  True, we do.  Most of the people probably have mental illness, and it is not right to make fum of people with mental illness.  A couple of weeks ago I shared with you about my holey pants.  I didn't realize they had holes in the butt until I took them off that night.  I may be on one of the Wall-Martian lists.  What about you?  If there were videos, B and I would be on one of them.  Not long ago, I went to Wall-Mart with B.  He had gas and he began tooting with every step as he was exiting the building.  I laughed.  I laughed very hard.  When I laugh hard, any gas in me comes out and it did.  I doubt anyone heard us and if they noticed us, it was probably because we were happy.  What are your embarrassing moments while out shopping?  I am not sure that I am laughing at the Wall-Martians, but more with them and thinking how grateful I am for not being caught and placed on the Wall-Martian pictures.  What about you?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Spring

I hope you had a wonderful day.  I did.  It was my birthday and again I am 29.  Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!  Dawnie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baa Baa

Yesterday I received sheep shaped cookies for my upcoming birthday.  Yes, 29 again.  The cookies were decorated with white frosting and they had pink frosting bows.  The sheep were beautiful, but they were the best sugar cookies I have ever eaten.  I tried to bring home 2 and photograph them, but one of the noses hit the other cookie, so the photos are not the best.  Tracy H. made them.  She really needs to open a shop, but instead she works with me.  LOL I am a spinner (I make yarn from wool) so the sheep were a perfect gift.

Aren't they cute?  Yes, the inspiration was from Pinterest.  I hope you are doing well!  Dawnie.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tea Cozy---Part 3

Many tea cozies were made to look like dresses with extra fullness and ruffles.  A half doll, usually made with porcelain, would be used on the top.  The skirt of the dress would be used to cover the teapot.  Many of these were knitted or crocheted, but many were also made from fabric.  I adore the Russian doll tea cozies.  Most of these only have a porcelain face; however, the rest of the cozy would be made from fabric.  The skirt would be stuffed with wool or other fibers to keep the teapot warm.  Some of the doll faces would look like they were blowing on a teacup to cool the hot tea down.  The dolls may even be holding a small saucer or tea cup.

This is my Russian Tea Cozy holding a cup and she is blowing on the cup.  The cozy is made with fabric.. 

See how thick the underskirt is.  It should keep the teapot very cozy.
This is my latest tea cozy.  It is lined with cotton fabric with cotton batting inside.  This tea cozy is made with hand spun yarn. 
There is a detachable charm dangling from the top of the cozy.

I can't forget to mention all of the cozies made to look like:
fruit (pears, strawberries, pineapples...)
flowers (sunflowers, roses, tulips...)
baskets of fruit, flowers, and vegetables
cupcakes, cakes
dogs cats, bears, chickens, sheep, ducks, squirrels,
martians and sea creatures
cottages, barns, English hillside with grazing sheep
apples and pumpkins in the fall
holiday decorations
hats, sweaters
citrus slices
pink poodles
bee keeper variations
patriotic variations and flags
favorite team colors and mascots
circus tents and themes
The latest trends such as owls, and skulls

One of the latest fiber trends is felting and wool.  This has lead to more variations in making fiber tea cozies.   Another trend is similar to the ugly sweater contest at Christmas, the oddest and most unusual tea cozies tend to get the best press, but the old familiar stand by gets the most use.

My 1/2 doll ready to be dressed up.
You may notice tea cozies on kitchen tables while watching videos and TV shows, especially English crime dramas.   I just re-watched Vera and I noticed two different tea cozies on her kitchen table.  One of these tea cozies was the most common type of cozy that I discussed in Part 2.

I hope you have enjoyed my tea cozy blogs.  Have a great weekend!  Dawnie

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doilie Love

When I make soap, I give out samples of the soap.  I usually cut off the end slices and give those away.  I don't want to spend much money on the sample soap sacks.  I like to go green and recycle old copies or junk faxes at work.  I make these papers into sacks, placing the plain side of the paper on the outside of the sacks.  I need to decorate the sacks in some way.  Today a young friend of mine, Samantha, helped me decorate these sacks.  We used paper doilies and glimmer mist spray from Tattered Angels.  You can see that product and a video here: