Sunday, December 18, 2016

Crazy Eights Dishcloth Pattern amd the Almost Lost Dishcloth Pattern

A while back, I found the knitting pattern for the almost lost dishcloths.  This pattern has been adapted to a circular pattern without the petal like edges.  This is called the Crazy Eights dishcloth.  To find these patterns, see the Simply Notable blog:   

Making dishcloths/washcloths from these patterns is addictive.  Hopefully less costly than other addictions. LOL   With the Crazy Eights pattern, I made 9 repeats instead of 8.  It lays down much better with this modification.  The Almost Lost pattern is fine the way it is written.  I think I like it better, however; I like the clean, simple design of the Crazy Eights pattern.  I used a dk size cotton yarn, but any cotton would be fine.  I started with an 8 needle size and changed it to a 6.  The stitches looked too loose with an 8.  Which pattern do you like?  I think these would make great gifts with a nice bar of handmade soap, or dish soap.  Handmade gifts are made from the heart.

Have a great week!  Dawnie