Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gift Giving

When giving gifts for all occasions, most of us look for gifts that don't cost us an arm and a leg.  I like to give soap gifts and add a washcloth or dishcloth.  I came upon something called an almost lost washcloth.  While I was searching the blog Simply Notable where this free pattern was in, she also included a mini almost lost washcloth for a facial or even for dishes.  The links to these patterns are:

I have tried to make the mini almost lost washcloth.  The pattern calls for worsted weight cotton yarn and a size 7 or 8 set of knitting needles.  I usually have smaller weight yarn on hand, so the first one is thinner than I desire.  When I made the second one, I used two strands of cotton thread and a smaller needle.  I like the look better, but it doesn't look like her examples.  On the third mini washcloth, I used size 4 knitting needles and sport weight cotton yarn,  I liked the look of this best.

 If you want something handmade, quick to make, not so ordinary, and cheap to make, this is a perfect gift for women.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Twinkle Soap

I have practiced making soap using a new pouring technique.  It is called a tall skinny shimmy method.  Basically the soap batter is divided into 6 different containers and colored 6 different colors.  One by one, the soap is poured into a tall/skinny mold, along the long side of the mold while the mold is tilted.  The mold is moved and tilted the opposite direction with each pour.  The complete amount of each color is used when it is poured.  With this technique you get a bar of soap which is 6 different colors.  This technique is the November soap challenge for Great Cakes Soap Works Challenge.  My soap batter was a little too thick to do this method well, but the soap came out interesting.  I used mica to color the batter.  A light pink mica, a dark pink mica, a combination of both pink micas, a light green mica, a dark blue mica, and a combination of the green and the blue micas in the last one.  I also added jojoba beads in the pink colors. I swirled all of the 6 batters for some interest.  I found the green and the blue micas were not stable in cold process soap.  They came out gold colored.  Even though the colors morphed, the soap came out pretty.

 What have you been working on lately?

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Projects

I have been knitting washcloths or dishcloths.  I have placed one to three decorative buttons on the top under a loop.  At least one button is vintage.  I thought this would be a great gift with a handmade bar of soap.  This washcloth is made with a cotton-linen fiber.  The pattern is one of those easy learning patterns, but I used thinner thread and a smaller needle.  I bought this thread some time ago, but it has been in a plastic container waiting me to get around to making something.  The thread is 4 ply with 4 different colors.  It contains the colors of off white, linen, hot pink, and dark coral.  I have made other washcloths or dishcloths with varied colors also.  This is one of those projects you can do while doing other things and not worry where you are in the pattern if you take a break and go back to it.  I will eventually place these for sale with a matching bar of hand made soap.  What fall projects have you been working on?  I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.  We sure are.

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