Monday, June 21, 2010

Grage Sale

Against my better judgment, I had a garage sale this weekend.  I sold a little less than $100.00 worth of items.  We still have a refrigerator, many, many, many, teaching items, and a few other misc. items.  I hate to give away all of the teaching items since there was much time and money involved in putting the supplies together.  Many of the teaching items were only used once, and some were not even used.  I advertised for the sale and that cost about $40.00.  I also dropped my phone in the water and now I am having telephone issues, that may cost me an arm and a leg.  I gave 2 boxes of books, (Most like new), a couple toys, and a box of craft supplies to a co-worker.  She took some items to a church preschool she takes her daughter to.  On a positive side, I was able to  clean out 1/2 of the garage, but the items left from the sale can not be picked up by a by the AM VETS or GOODWILL for 9-21 days.  I bet they would be there faster to get my donation if it was money.  lol  Maybe my son was right when he told me to just throw it all in a construction dumpster and be done with it.  It sure would have been much easier!

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