Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grandma's House

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we went.  The GPS knew the way to carry the Suzuki and no white or drifting snow until we almost there......
Grandma baked and blessed us with a hot breakfast.  Our visit was very enjoyable and we want to go back again soon.  Thank you for viewing and I hope you had a great weekend too!  Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boy O Boy

When we purchased 3 pullets from the farmer, we expected to be receiving eggs by now from all 3 of them.  As far as we can tell, only one of these 3 are laying.  We have also noticed one of them has almost doubled in size in the last couple of weeks.  I thought I was hearing things when I heard a quiet rooster crow last week.  On Sunday, we heard the crow twice.  I guess Big Buff is a boy.  Because Big Buff is a boy, he will go to Old Goat Ranch as soon as we can arrange the move. 

Glenn is enjoying being a Chicken Wrangler/Whisperer. 

Finally, I purchased a new car today.  I have one without the wheelchair lift that is just for me!!!!!!!!!!!  No big green military looking cargo van.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Early Valentine's Day

My son is 20 and working at his first job sacking groceries at a local grocery store.  I have been transporting him to and from his place of employment until today.   Today he rode his bike because my van is having issues.  He had to be there at 6am.  He also got paid today.  He has not received many pay checks yet and he has not been able to save any money either.  Unfortunately he gets that trait from me.  They had Valentine's Day items on display at the grocery store, so D cashed his check and bought a box of singing chocolates and a human sized bear for his fiance.  After work, D had to go to school so he rode his bike to school with the big Teddy bear on the back of his seat and Teddy bear arms wrapped around him.  His fiance attends the same school.  Can you imagine riding your bike several miles with the bear on the back of your bike?  You know he got a few stairs.   Wasn't this so romantic?  He is not afraid to tell his feelings, even if he is laughed at.  I think he is a bigger man than most men, even though he is only 20 and he will always be my little boy.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kill her with kindness

I was telling daughter A. not to be angry with another girl at school who gets on A's last nerve.  I told her not to waste her energy being angry; instead, kill the other girl with kindness.  A little while later I heard A. say to Son D, "I am going to do what mom said and kill ____ with kindness.  She should be dead on Tues.!"  Don't you just love the way kids look at things!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Chicks

We received the replacement chickens today.  Everyone arrived healthy and alive!!!  I have a few pictures to show you.  The pictures are of the new 2 day old chicks next to a chick that is about 2 months old. 

The older chick is examining poo dropping.  Look at the size difference of the feet.

The one on the right will be a real chatterbox.

The chicks look like one chick with two heads.  LOL
Thanks for viewing!   Dawnie

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Apron Strings

My son thought the hat went with the apron when I was modeling it.
I finally finished an apron I started about 3 years ago.  My mom and I made the design so it would fit a larger woman's figure.  I had other apron strings to sew on, and a different design for around the neck. The black lace was next to the unfinished apron and it just looked so good together.  Of course, I placed black lace ties on the apron and around the neck I added lace with elastic.  I gathered the fabric around the front of the neck and used seam binding to face it.  There are darts at the side and the front waste is gathered with elastic stretched out as it is sewn across, making it gather.   I really like how this turned out.  I do have strawberry buttons to sew on, but they are in my storage locker.  If only I had a lot of money and a house large enough to house all of my crafts and hobbies.............Maybe that desire will have to be for another life time.   I guess I could just ask for a wealthy man on the internet.......The kids think I should just ask for what I want.   This evening we went to WalFart (sorry, but my pet name).  Mr. G yelled out the window at an attractive man walking by, "Hey, My mom thinks you're hot."  The man got in a nice little sports car and drove by the van twice---once real slow.  Mr G said that I should have engaged him in conversation.  I told him as soon as I said anything, he would ask me "How much?"  We were at the WalFart on Broadway, so what did he expect?  LOL

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Updates on Clucks and Christmas Eve Activities

I am almost as tall as the recipe notebook!   Eat Beef!

I am too big for the pot, so it is now a perch!

Our Kettle Of Red --- Overflow!  Here are the Custer Clucks....
I want you to see the progress or the chicken growth.  The kids and I are anticipating these 5 hens going to "the Big House," or "the Chicken Mansion."  We should have more little ones coming next week.  The new chicks are replacements for the chicks which did not arrive alive in the last shipment.  We paid extra for the replacements to arrive quickly, so we hope there are no losses this time.  

On Christmas Eve our family volunteered at a local shelter serving food to the homeless.  Son D had been there before, so he knew what to expect.  Daughter A wants to go back again and volunteer.  Son G has decided it was a good thing, but it is too depressing and he wishes to never return. 

A on the left and G in the hood on the R

Proof that they worked.  LOL




See the bad habits the kids are teaching the chickens.

Mother is a wonderful word!


Last week, someone was in my office and he told me that the word mother was a a wonderful word.  I was able to reflect on this comment this week.  It is so true!   A mother has much direction and influence with her children.  God granted us the privilege, but we must perform our task with Godly direction. I am not saying that we can not sin, because I am a big sinner!  I am saying that we should think about the consequences of our actions!  Before Christmas, we were shopping at Wally World.  While I was in the shoe department, I noticed a woman looking at me and trying on a pair of shoes.  I thought she may have known me, since she was in a nursing uniform and we met many nurses and aids when my spouse was ill, prior to his death.  I was in deep thoughts and looking for a pair of boots.  I wish her look was a look from a familiar face, instead after she left the area, I looked down and an old pair of tennis shoes were shoved back toward the bench and the woman had walked off in new shoes.  Too much time had passed from the time she left and when I noticed the shoes on the floor next to the bench.  I was not paying enough attention to her, as far as her age, hair color, height, and what she was wearing, so I didn't turn her in.  Maybe it was a previous patron that left the shoes and this woman just happened to sit on the bench over the shoes.  I know it is doubtful, but I am just saying......  My kids arrived shortly after I noticed the shoes on the floor.  My son's comments were something like, "you know mom, they probably weren't even expensive shoes."   I wouldn't want to go to jail, especially around the holiday, and all over a pair of shoes!  Maybe her feet hurt.  Do you think this woman had children, and if so, do you think she related the story to them as it truly happened?  I sure hope she does not influence others to follow in her foot steps................................