Monday, June 14, 2010

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

I would love to show you a picture of something that I completed, but....  It was one of those weeks that you take one step forward and two steps backward.  Yesterday, I cleaned the cage for the African Gray Parrots and relocated the cage to my bedroom.   As we were moving things around, my son knocked over my clothes rack.  It was packed with clean clothes, so I had to clean up that mess, just to stay even.  We did however, add a bunny to the family.  It is a white, Jersey Woolie, (They are called Dwarf Angora rabbits in Australia.), and he has red eyes. It is all full of fluff.  My son named it Cotton Balls.  He thought it was appropriate, since the bunny was a boy.  Today, he is thinking of Fluff.  Tomorrow?????   Pictures will be posted soon.  Blessings!  Dawn

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