Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Laundry Butter

Shred or grate the soap.

I am finally trying the laundry butter from fat farm girl soaps.  No, I am not being mean.  She calls her company that name.  This recipe starts with basic coconut butter soap which is not super-fatted.  When making soap normally, a soap maker will add extra fat or oil that does not get suponified which makes the soap less drying on the skin.  It is called super-fatting soap.  Oil, butter, or fat, water, and lye are the 3 ingredients necessary to make soap.  I just had to put some color in it my basic coconut nonsuper-fatted soap--- just a little purl pink mica, and of course some fragrance.  I had some Tresor fragrance oil and I used a very small amount.  Oh boy!  My house smells wonderful!!!  Instead of calling my soap laundry butter, my co-worker came up with the name Whipped Clean. 

Grated soap mixed with water.

Borax mixed in.

Washing soda mixed in.

Overnight Gel


Finished Whipped Clean Laundry Soap

Do you remember using bluing in laundry?  Actually you can still buy it, but the common use of it was before my time.  I know that I can not explain the purpose of it very well, but a blue will intensify white laundry.  A blue-white will reflect more light and make the fabric appear whiter.
Have you noticed that we have much less white laundry than we did 50 years ago.  Who still has white sheets and white underwear now?  Very few of us.  I do still love the look of crisp clean white sheets with the outdoor fresh smell from hanging on the clothesline.  

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