Sunday, July 22, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sparkle and Fiber

Newly spun fiber.  Merino and sparks from Paradise Fibers'.
 fiber club.  (That is not the name they have for it)  I didn't quite make Independence Day.  (Black, teal, green, orange, pink, and sparkle)   

I also painted my electric spinning wheel a pink and white.  It has a chalk or milk paint look. 

I don't like to use fiber that is not natural, unless it is nylon sparkle, Angelina, Mylar, etc.  I just like using wool, silk, cotton, etc.  It is just a personal preference. 

In case you need more fireworks!


More fall-like colors, except for the pink.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Making yarn

New 2 ply yarn.
Some of this wool, combined with other pink wool, pink banana fiber, 2 pink colors of Angelina sparkle(nylon), and rose cellulose fiber made one of the yarn plies.

This is what it looks like on a hackle.
Purchased spinning fiber with tussah silk.

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Mini Electric Eel Wheel and other spinning related things

A while back I helped fund a company which made electric spinning wheels.  They wanted to make mini electric spinning wheels, so cheap that most anyone could afford to buy one.  As a thank you for helping fund the company, I received a Mini Electric Eel Wheel.  The wheels are about $70.00 at this time.  The company also makes larger wheels. 

I placed the mini on the desk to try it out.  The motor was a little loud so I placed it on top of a notebook.  The motor was not silent, but the book did help lower the volume or vibrations.

To purchase the wheel go to:

My first impression was this motor doesn't sound like it has much power, but it does fine.  The first spinning I attempted was much thicker than I usually do, but I was able to spin pretty thin once I adjusted the tension.   

Wet fiber in the pot with stripes of colored dye powder placed on the top.  Once I put the lid on and allow the pot to heat up, the powder will get wet and disperse more.  Many times I have been known to add more fiber on top of the dye.  If the powder does not disperse. I may place a small plate or bowl on the fiber and weight it down with a jar of water.  I want to keep the stripes separate from the other stripes as much as possible and only the edges of the stripes mix with another color.  Wights keeping the fiber into the water may make the water mix and mingle the colors more than I want.

Fall Colors

Pulling Locks

4 Ounces Pinky---store bought fiber

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Some of my favorite old family photos:

My grandmother.

My great-uncle.
My sister and me.  I am on the right.
My father and my little brother.
My sister and I at my grandparent's farm.
Me again Margaret