Monday, December 28, 2015


The first soap I made this weekend was made with tallow, raw cow milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, soap shreds from fisherman soap, fragrance, blue mica, and cornflower petals.  The soap came out more of a gray blue than planned, but it is still pretty  The fisherman soap shreds show specks of a brighter blue in the center cut bar of soap.  The fragrance is a mixture with a slight floral, vanilla, blueberry, and mandarin.  It smells lovely!

The second soap I made this weekend is made with Vanilla, Mandarin, Bourbon fragrance oil.  It also smells lovely.  It goes great with the above soap fragrance and with Clorox from cleaning, and toots.  LOL



How was your week?  I hope all is well with you.   We are almost in 2016.  Are you making any resolutions or changes in the new year?  Dawnie

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Misc. items


I received several lovely Christmas gifts.  This is one of them.  I love it when they are handmade and especially if they are re-purposed.

She loves to watch the chickens.  They had to be checked on three times today.

The fisherman's soap looks very rustic now that it has cured.  The soap has been planed and it still has white ash.  It is throughout the bars. This is our favorite soap.

New tea cozy, reversible.  The bright sparkle blue does not show up well, so the picture does not do it justice.  The light blue also has sparkle in the yarn.  It is a fun tea cozy,  There is a dangle from the loop.  My sister made it.  She makes jewelry and it blends well with either side.  It is removable. 
The trivet under the tea pot is also reversible.  It is made with handspun wool yarn.  There is a little sparkle in the yarn also.  The reverse side is cotton fabric with farm scenes.

How was your day?  Thank you for viewing my blog.  Dawnie

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Don’t you honey me no more?

Don’t you honey me no more?

Another fine soap made recently is my honey soap named Don't you honey me no more?  It has honey and citrus soap shreds in it along with the usual ingredients.  On top is a fan shaped piece of beeswax honeycomb.  I sprinkled yellow mica on top of the soap.  The citrus soap shreds are golden yellow colored and show up in the base soap blending in with the yellow mica on the top of the soap. The texture on the top is also due to the soap shreds popping through.  I barely used any fragrance oil.  Just 1/2 ounce or so for 19 bars of soap.


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Have a great week!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More impression mat soap making

I tried using impression mats again.  I used the same tall/skinny mold and the rose impression mat on the bottom.  Instead of using mica, I filled the design with soap.  I used the plain white color without any coloring or fragrance.

The bottom mold is the one I used plain white color.  The round bars I added mica after the impression mats were in the mold.
The fragrance I used in this soap was antique lace.  It smells wonderful, but it turns the soap dark brown. I get this fragrance from Natures Garden and they say the smell is "the romantic blend of jasmine and fresh vanilla beans, with a base note of musk."  After the white soap batter was placed into the impression mat, I placed about 1/2 inch of the batter with the fragrance added.  Then I added a thin layer of ground vanilla beans on top of this.  They call this a pencil line.  The last layer is an in the pot swirl of the plain color which will turn brown but it is a peachy color now, a bronze color with added mica, and yellow color with added mica.

In the round molds I used mica to color the impression mats.  


I think it would work just as well in the future for me to use mica on the tops of the soap once it is made and out of the mold, instead of putting mica on the impression mat.

With the use of impression mats, the soap does come out of the mold a little easier.

If using mica on impression mats, do it prior to placing them in the mold so as not to get mica on the sides of the soap.

Don't make the pencil line too thick or the soap layers will not stick to each other.

I tried the impression mats made from thin plastic.  It stuck to the soap and did not leave a good impression on the soap or on me.  I will stick with silicone.

This is the kind that did not work for me.  The pattern indenture was very shallow and it pulled some of the  design off when unmolded.  If I left it in the mold longer it may have worked better.

I thought you needed some cuteness today.

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Have a great day!  Dawnie

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lavender Rose Soap---Using an Impression Mat and Mica

First test with another soap.
Silicone lined molds.  The contest is for the log mold only.

Adding the mica,

Oils and additives ready for lye.

The color is a little pinkish.

I added a little lavender color and gave a tiny amt. of swirl.

Soap is in the mold--see the swirl in the soap.  Unfortunately the mold bows a little.  The frosting tool is nice to use.

Making soap with impression mats is the December soap challenge from the great cakes soap challenge club.  My loaf soap with this technique: 

FYI:  A great website for soap makers is
She answers a lot of labeling questions.

Thank you for viewing.  Have a great weekend! Dawnie

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Titanic Soap or Vanolia soap and Recipe

I have researched Titanic soap.  This soap was advertised to be a cold cream soap named Vanolia.  It was a  nice sized oval bar wrapped and placed into a decorated box of purple and gold.  Vanolia was also advertised at the soap for the first-class cabins on the Titanic.  It was made originally in England.  Even though the soap is still made since 1912, it has gone through a few changes.  One  change is the fragrance which is more of a spice fragrance now where it originally was a rose fragrance.  Many soap makers of today are adding rose and lemon  together trying to duplicate this soap fragrance.  I found the original (or close to original) ingredient labels which shows the following ingredients.  I broke the ingredients down for easier reading and understanding.  (Keep in mind that I am bot a chemist.):
1.sodium tallowate--tallow or rendered cow fat
2.sodium cocolate--coconut oil--it is one of the few oils that will suds in salt water
4.glycerol--glycerin--automatically made during the manufacture of true soap.  Glycerin attracts moisture through the air.
5.perfume--a fragrance, rose otto--1/8 of an ounce is $29.99 on Amazon. Most of us can not afford this essential oil.

6.sodium chloride--salt
7.mineral oil--a byproduct of petroleum and commonly used to remove make up
8.tetra-sodium EDTA--it is a cleating agent that neutralizes the metal ions in hard water and makes  water softer
9.edidrontic acid--also a cleating agent which enhances the cleaning power
10. boric acid--a mild antiseptic/anti-fungal/antibiotic  "Borax, also known as borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid,"  Wikipedia
Much of my information came from Encyclopedia Titicaca.

To duplicate this soap, I would start with tallow, coconut oil, water, lye (sodium hydroxide), and rose fragrance.  If the soap could turn dark due to the fragrance I use, I would then use a little titanium dioxide to help keep the soap white.  Many of the soap makers of today are placing a rose bud on the top of each bar of soap, making each bar truly upper class..

My version of this soap is:

Titanic soap
30 ounces tallow
20 ounces coconut oil
19 ounces water
7.3 ounces lye
3 ounces veg glycerin
1.5 ounces Save on Scents eternal roses fragrance oil  
2 tablespoons titanium dioxide
Optional:  18 decorations for the top such as dried rose buds or tiny pink rose erasers like mine.
Follow normal soap making rules to make this soap using the above recipe.

Yield:  Makes 18 bars of soap.  I used Crafter's Choice oval molds.  Oval which was the shape of the original Titanic soap.
Notes:   *I refrigerated this soap for one day.  It did not gel and it came out of the molds perfectly.
*This soap is snow white!  The titanium dioxide was probably not needed with this fragrance oil.

Vanolia/Titanic Soap  I used little erasers for the center rose.  Not as nostalgic as a dried rose bud.
A friend told me that it would erase the wrinkles away.  LOL

I hope you found this an interesting read.  Have a great week!  Dawnie

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