Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Loops or Rings

I hang 2 or 3 potholders by my stove because I have limited drawer space in my kitchen.  My mother places all but one of hers in a drawer by her stove.  My brother hates the loops.  He thinks the plastic ones melt and the other loops get in his way.  What is your preference? 

I like to place loops in the corners of the hot pads/potholders I make. If I knit or crochet them, I usually make a loop with yarn.  If I use fabric to make them, I sew a small plastic hoop on a corner of the fabric.  I have used a leather strip for hanging in the past along with crocheting around the plastic rings.  I find that the rings are what wear will out the fastest on potholders. I found plastic loose-leaf paper rings.  The box I ordered has 5 colors of rings which can be easily installed and removed from a potholder if desired. 


What do you think?  

My grandmother and us 4 kids in the early 60's.
They provided this mobile home for my dad as part of his salary.  I am on the left looking goofy.

My younger brother in the 80's?.  The sweater I knitted for him.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

January 2022

I hope your Christmas and New Year holidays were wonderful!  I wish I had the excitement I once did.  I know the grandgirls loved Christmas!

New changes have happened since my last post.  I have retired.  With more time on my hands, I get little done.  I am sorting through all my material possessions.  I have given some items away and I sold some.  I have also added a couple of new possessions.  Here is one:  


My new sewing desk.  I have wanted to make this purchase for years.  I love the gingerbread trim. 

I have been knitting away on a new hat pattern.  The first hat 

came out perfect.  The second one grew when I washed it.  The third one I made into a ponytail hat and it came out great!  I did go down 2 knitting needle sizes.  

The first hat made:

The second hat made:

The third hat made:

I will be making one more hat to perfect the pattern.  What do you think of this hat pattern? 

My nephew and mom.  Mom turned 90 on 9\11.  Don't they look alike?  Yes, there is a size difference.

When I travel from my home to my mother's, I see many interesting homes.  Wouldn't you love to live on Honey Lane?  All I can think of is the song Penney Lane by the Beatles.  That song is in my head! 


This is the beautiful home on Honey Lane.  I tried to show all of the lovely fall foliage.

I also see abandoned homes.  I always think of all the dashed dreams and aspirations the people had.  What happened?  Where did they go?  Have you ever watched Youtube videos where people look at abandoned homes?  Some of the occupants left with a meal on the table.  I understand how people become ill, pass away, or maybe run from his or her past. What would make someone leave mansions behind? 





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