Saturday, May 19, 2018

Electric Spinning Wheel

I ordered a new electric spinning wheel.  My old wheel is very loud, but it worked like a sewing machine and I could speed up or down and stop using the foot control.  This one does not have a foot control.  It is so quiet that I can hear the TV, or others in the room talk to me.  This is from Heavenly Handspinning.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What is it?

A couple of months ago I started a project.  It was going great until I got 3/4 of the project done.  My problem is that the fiber locks tend to matt and connect to each other.  I probably got a little carried away with using the number of locks I used.  I also used both ends of each lock and the part of the lock that was toward the sheep does not stay together like the other end of the lock does.  If this project is made for me, it is not an issue, but someone else may not want to separate the locks prior to each use.  I really need to attach each lock a little differently in my next project since these locks are able to pull out too easily.  I crocheted around the center of each lock.  I really needed to use the center of each lock as part of the stitch and it would stay in place better. 

You are probably saying what is the project?  Well, I started out making a tea cozy.  Some of you are still saying what is that?  A tea cozy goes over a teapot to keep the tea warm. If you ever watch Brittish TV, you will see tea cozies on most kitchen tables.  This will still work as a tea cozy if it is used with a smaller teapot.  This can also be used as a hat.  I am modeling it for you.  It could also fit over a lid of a pot or casserole dish.  If any of you are from the older generation, you may have seen crocheted chamber pot or toilet seat covers.  LOL  This reminds me of one.  I just need to string a chain stitch through the outside edge to keep it on the chamber pot.  My grandmother had chamber pot covers in a stack of her old crochet items made by her and her mother. 

This could also be a hat.  There is a lovely model in the photograph.   Yes, it is me.  LOL
Over A Teapot

The colors are mostly a seafoam green with some teal, turquoise, and lavender.  The outside locks were dyed in a rainbow dye and are BFL.  The inside was crocheted with a yarn that has two plies and it is close to lace-weight.  It was spun from a Shetland fleece and died a light seafoam green.  

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What a lovely model.  LOL

This tea cozy goes real well with this teapot!

Two-tone yarn

I had to try spinning Coberger Fuch (German Fox) and Rhone wool.  I just got this wool from Sherry's Fiber Farm.  This is a small skein of yarn I made.  It is not a soft wool, but it is not really rough either.

I hope you are all doing well.  We are all fine.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Every Which Way but Loose.

Anyone that has been spinning for some time has accumulated a stash of wool.   On the project I made, it doesn't matter if the wool is processed by a mill or at home.   I made a very interesting yarn and used up some of my wool and made a table runner and mat.  Directions for how I did it are as fallows.

Begin by pulling out 10 or more different fibers to spin.  (more are better)  Just grab a handful of each.  Vary the type of fibers and the colors.  If you have mohair, silk, Angelina (sparkle), curly locks, soft wool, rug wool, or ugly wool, it is fine to use for this yarn.  I start spinning with one of the yarns and I spin from lace-weight to bulky varying the spinning style.  This is a project were you can try different spinning techniques.  Some of the fibers I pull the locks apart with my hands, some I have to card or flick card.  I like to obtain  as many curls as possible in the yarn.  This is a two ply yarn.  Both plies can be done this same way.  The way I prefer is to make one ply varied as described here and the second ply with one solid, bright-colored fiber spun neat and thin.  This ply yarn will tie all of the various types and colors of yarns together.  It can also brighten the yarn or make it duller depending on what you use.  Examples would be:  If you use an orange or yellow, it will brighten it.  If you use a duller wool color such as gray.  It is possible to use a thin crochet thread or other thread for plying.   Little bits of interesting wool placed here and there also add interest to this yarn.  

The above picture shows a skein of yarn made this way, along with other fiber.  In order to make the table runner, I cast on 39 stitches with number 10 knitting needles.  I knit the first 6 rows, after that, I knit the first 4 stitches and the last 4 stitches in every row.  Aside from the beginning and ending 4 stitches, I knit one row and then purled one row---stockinette stitch.   The last 6 rows I knit binding off on the sixth one.  I will probably go through and brush up some of the fibers and allow them to fluff up a bit more.  They do make a mohair brush for this, but I think most any brush would be fine as long as they don't get caught in the fiber.   

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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