Monday, April 15, 2013

Custer Cottage Egg Stamps

I recently purchased 2 stamps for the eggs from our chickens. One of the stamps is an outline of a hen.  The other stamp has my company name on it, (Custer Cottage).  The pre-inked stamp uses regular food coloring.  I purchased the stamp from: 
Premier Sheep Supplies Ltd.
2031 300th St
Washington, IA  52353
Phone: 319-653-9624
Obviously they do have items for farm animals other than sheep.  

I could use the words organic, natural, or free range, but everyone has a different idea of what these words mean, so I find it best to just use my company name.  My family and I do not allow our chickens to free range very often.  We do a modified free range due to neighbor dogs that dig under the fence.  Modified Free Range would not look too good as an egg stamp.  LOL 

This is a hint for what we will be doing next.  LOL  Be prepared.  The red item(s) is a pair of socks.
We have a dog run which is 4 times the size of a regular dog run.  We added this run to the hen house.  There are 2 rooms in the hen house.  One of the rooms is full of nest boxes and of course food and water.  The other room is screened in and it has an opening in the center of the floor for taking dust baths and this room also has more food and water. 

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