Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Chicken Pot Holders and the K-Mart Ad

My boyfriend and I were talking about the K-Mart ad. I think it is a little over the line as far as taste goes.  The men can dance around in boxers and that does not bother me.  It is the jingle balls part that bothers me.  If they continued to hold the bells and play them when they jingle their balls, it may not bother me as much.  I was telling B. that it would be like me dancing around in my bra shaking my boobs, it is a little rude.  I went on to say that I realize that K-Mart is trying to sell boxers.  You know the saying that sex sells everything?  If I shook my boobs, what would it say I would be selling?  His comment was sunglasses.................................
K-Mart Ad

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