Thursday, May 27, 2010

Purple Poop

The geese are eating mulberries
 and raising new babies.  

 All over our community is purple poop.  Mulberry Power.  lol

Since I had purple on my mind, I made Violet Chamomile Soap last evening.  I hope some of the purple shows up in the soap.  I usually make extra large batches.  If  I am going to make a mess, why not make a big one, right?  The soap contains dried German chamomile flowers, some grated soap from a previous batch of soap, pretty mica, and glitter.  I hope the pretty elements will show when the soap is dryer.  I cut this loaf before it was dry enough and it is not as smooth on the sides as it should be. 
Under the bush by my office is a duck nesting.  See how well she is camouflaged.

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