Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doilie Love

When I make soap, I give out samples of the soap.  I usually cut off the end slices and give those away.  I don't want to spend much money on the sample soap sacks.  I like to go green and recycle old copies or junk faxes at work.  I make these papers into sacks, placing the plain side of the paper on the outside of the sacks.  I need to decorate the sacks in some way.  Today a young friend of mine, Samantha, helped me decorate these sacks.  We used paper doilies and glimmer mist spray from Tattered Angels.  You can see that product and a video here:

We had a good time playing with the glimmer mist.  We decided the paper doilies look better after using glimmer mist.  It is actually mica, water, and something magical to keep the sprayer head from clogging.  I tried making my own a couple of years ago and I just clogged up spray bottle sprayer heads.    The paper towels also can be recycled into paper flowers.

Since I talked about doilies, I thought I would show you some other fake doilies.  They are made from metal.  The first picture shows a small plate with a doilie border, a small Easter Bucket with doilie border, and a charger plate I use under my Lazy Susan.  The second picture is a large doilie design for over your door.  The hook holds wreaths.  I think you can tell from the street that a vintage lady lives here.  LOL

I hope you have a great week!  Dawnie

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