Friday, April 18, 2014

Fodder Improved My Egg Production

I have started feeding my girls (chickens) fodder.  I talked about this method one other time and you can view that blog at:  My fodder is a supplement to the regular feed, which is a mix of pellets and scratch (mixed grains).  I grow one or two tubs of fodder at the same time.  I first start with the jar and I soak grains overnight in the jar.  The next day, I rinse the seeds and tilt the jar to remove the excess water.  Most people would use the kitchen drainer, but I found (by accident) that a lamp holder for kerosene lamps works great for draining the seeds.  I leave the seeds in the jar until they begin to show signs of growth (2 days or so).  Then I place the seeds in a dish pan which has holes randomly placed in the bottom for draining the seeds.  I place the pan up a little so the seeds to not set in water and can drain the water off. I use two small bowls to raise the pan.   I try to spray the seeds 3 times a day and toss the drained water.  The fodder can be fed to the chickens once the seeds start to grow or after the growth is several inches tall.  These pans are on my kitchen counter, but they can easily be moved when I need more space.  The reasons I use fodder are pretty simple:
1.  Fodder grows into large grasses from a tiny amount of grain and the chickens eat the roots and all.
This saves me money.
2.  Fodder is healthy for the chickens.  I eat the eggs, so I want healthy chickens.
3.  The chickens love the fodder.
4.  Fodder can be grown year round, even when snow is on the ground.
5.  My egg production has increased.  I contribute some of it to the addition of fodder.  It may only be one egg a day, but that could be significant for someone with a large operation.  I only have 10 hens.  Note:  I have taken into consideration that the weather is nicer, even though it snowed one day last week, the sun shines longer each day, and the girls are all egg producers.  I was only getting  4 eggs a day last month.  I get 7 and 8 eggs a day now. 

You can get started for little money.  I bought organic wheat when I first started.  I now have purchased oats and a blend of grains which is better for the girls.  I mix these grains and the wheat

Thank you for viewing.  Let me know how you grow fodder if you are growing it, or if you have future fodder plans.

I hope you and yours are spiritually uplifted this Holy weekend!  Dawnie

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