Sunday, April 20, 2014

Marbled Hard Boiled Eggs

Everyone seems to have a different method to making marbled eggs.  I saw marbled eggs about 20 years ago in a Victoria magazine.  A wedding table was displayed and on that table were marbled deviled eggs.   I had to make them.  My method is to boil eggs in the usual method.  Pour off some of the water, but no more than half.  Remove each egg and tap with the back of the spoon so the shells crack---don't hit too hard---crack on all sides.  Put all cracked eggs back in the water.  Place one cup of vinegar into the water.  Add food coloring--liberally.   Put the pan on to boil for about 2 minutes.  This should do the trick.  I pour off the colored water and shell the eggs.  I have used ice to cool the eggs down, but today the shells came off easy.   I only use one color, but several could be used if you place the eggs, water, and vinegar in several pans.  You can also shell a couple at a time while leaving the other eggs in the colored water.  This will give you variation in the depth of the color.  I hope you give this method a try.  I used a turquoise liquid food coloring.

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