Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why do we laugh at the People of Wallmart?

What compels us to laugh at "The People of Wall-mart or the Wall-Martians?"  Are we glad we were not caught looking goofy?  Did the people in those pictures loose a bet and have to wear the tutu?  We have all been caught without clean clothes, but we don't pull our pants over our breasts and go out in public without a top.  Is the reason we enjoy Wall-Martians because they are just plain funny?  Many times the clothes of the Wall-Martians are several sizes too small and body parts are not fully covered.  Other times it is the choice of clothing such as women's clothes on men and men's clothes on women.  Light skinned women should not wear flesh colored skinny jeans since it looks like the person is naked.  When did it become acceptable to wear pajamas in public?  What about fuzzy house slippers?  I have forgotten to change my shoes and put on office appropriate shoes at work.  Until I walked inside the office building, I didn't realize I had on my fuzzy flip flops.  What do you wear when you go to Wall-Mart?  Do you put on your pajamas before you leave home?  Recently a young girl told me that she does not like the Wall-Martian photos because it makes fun of people.  True, we do.  Most of the people probably have mental illness, and it is not right to make fum of people with mental illness.  A couple of weeks ago I shared with you about my holey pants.  I didn't realize they had holes in the butt until I took them off that night.  I may be on one of the Wall-Martian lists.  What about you?  If there were videos, B and I would be on one of them.  Not long ago, I went to Wall-Mart with B.  He had gas and he began tooting with every step as he was exiting the building.  I laughed.  I laughed very hard.  When I laugh hard, any gas in me comes out and it did.  I doubt anyone heard us and if they noticed us, it was probably because we were happy.  What are your embarrassing moments while out shopping?  I am not sure that I am laughing at the Wall-Martians, but more with them and thinking how grateful I am for not being caught and placed on the Wall-Martian pictures.  What about you?

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