Saturday, March 29, 2014

I hope you found yourself a little less exposed!

Today was a very busy day for my boyfriend, Bruce, and I,  We went several places.  I didn't think anything about wearing an old pair of pants.  I put on a little make-up, made sure my hair looked nice, and wore a pretty shirt with sparkles. We went to Village Inn, Home Depot, Wallie World, Best Buy, a second Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Casey's General Store.  About 9:30 I decided to get ready for bed and as I took off my pants, I discovered I could see daylight from the butt of my pants.  How many people did I moon today???  Bruce did not even notice and I am sure he popped me on the butt a time or two.  Oh how embarrassing.  All I can do is laugh hysterically.  I sure hope I am not on the next list of Wal-Martians you get in your emails!  LOL

 I wanted to show you where my chickens sleep.  There are many perches available, but 4 prefer the rafters.  The others bunch up together on on end of a perch.  I think chicken behavior is interesting.  We have many nest boxes, but two or three of them prefer to use the same one.


I hope you had a great day and you found yourself a little less exposed than I was today.  Dawnie

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