Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tea Cozy

I have made tea cozies for many years.  They are popular to make, when you live in Ireland, England, Scotland, and Australia.  In America, they are not as popular and most people have no idea what they are.  I have developed what I think are the best working styles for doing what tea cozies are to do, which is to keep a teapot full of tea, warmer than when it is exposed to the elements.  I am doing a pictorial on making tea cozies, the types, the fit, etc.  In the mean time.  I am going to show you my latest one.  I hope you had a wonderful week and you got plenty of rest.  Thank you for viewing!  Dawnie

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The Charm of Home said...

Very nice tea cozy. Thanks for sharing.

I'll Pour said...

Thank you!