Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tom Cat

One of my neighbors has a l a r g e  Tom Cat.  He hangs around our back yard most sunny afternoons.  When I go outside, he runs to the other side of the fence and peers out and around the corner, until I go back inside.  He has his eyes on Mr. Rabbit who lives in a tunnel under the chicken coop.  I am not sure if the rabbit is for dinner or for a play toy.

This evening I went to the door and he was waiting on Mr. Rabbit to come out and play.  LOL

Here is the cat in auction:

I have decided to incubate some eggs.  My last try did not end well.  I purchased a new incubator which is much larger.  I'll keep you posted.  21 days from tomorrow and I should have baby chicks!

The girls come to greet me when they are outside and they hear me at the back door, or see me in the window.  Is it just me they like, or is it the treats???    I know it is the treats but I hope they like me too.  Have a great night!  Dawnie

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