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Laundry Soap Picture Tutorial

To save money, I tried to make liquid laundry soap using grated soap, borax, and washing soda.  It separated.  I researched the web for recipes and also to see what the problem may have been with my batch.  I found out that the soap I used was super-fatted and I should have used lard or tallow plain hand made soap if I was not using purchased bar soap.  I made another batch and it separated too.  I understand that separated or not, the soap is fine to use.
First batch of soap.

This is the second batch of laundry soap.  I used my hand made soap which was made with only tallow, water, lye, and lavender essential oil.  I added less water to this laundry soap batch and  it also separated.  I then made a fourth batch with my hand made soap, but I used less water.  In the following picture, the jars are from the third batch except for one jar on the top right side and it is from the second batch.


The fourth batch recipe I used:
Melt together under med-low heat  one bar of grated Fels Naptha soap (5.5 ounces) and 4 cups of water.  Once the soap is all melted and no chunks show.  Take the mixture off the heat and add 1/2 cup of washing soda and 1/4 cup of borax.  Mix well  Add 2 tablespoons of fragrance oil and 8 cups of hot water.  You will probably want to put the mixture in a tub or bucket with a lid.  Once this solution cools a couple of hours or over night, it should set up.  At this time, use a stick blender and mix the solution well.  I used the stick blender one more time a couple of hours later and then placed the solution into jars.  It is ready to use at this time, but it can also be thinned down with water.   


During the fourth batch, I realized that I did not boil the soap as it melted.  This made me think that I may need to try my experiments again and put less heat on the soap.  I used my hand made soap with shea butter and coconut oil in the fifth batch.  I found the boiling did not matter and I need to use plain soaps such as in the second and third batch.

The formula I used for the sixth batch:
2 bars of shredded ZOTE soap (14.1 ounce per bar) and 12 cups of water melted under med-low heat, make sure all of the soap melts, but it is not necessary to boil it.  Turn off the heat and add:

3 cups Borox and 3 cups Washing Soda,
mix well, add 12 more cups of warm water and 3 tablespoons of fragrance oil (I used fresh cut roses from Natures Garden.  Zote smells like citronella and it stinks!  I hope the fragrance oil will cover the citronella stink.
Cover the mixture and let it cool.  Once the mixture starts to set up (about 2 hours later), use a stick blender and blend it smooth,  ( Most of the mixture will separate and a layer of pink foam will be on the top.)  I left mine about 2 hours to cool down.  About two hours later, I used the stick blender again to liquidify the mixture and allow it to pour into containers more easily.  I added 6 cups of water into a gallon container and filled the container up the rest of the way with soap mixture.   I shook up the mixture in the gallon containers and it was then time to use it.  This type of laundry soap does not make a lot of suds.  Use one half of a cup of soap per load of laundry. If you have questions with this picture tutorial, please give me an email or comment below.  Picture tutorial:  

ZOTE shredded.  It is so pretty!
This is what I used for shredding soap.
Soap Melting

After the Borax is added and mixed in.

After the washing soda is mixed in.

The finished product.  As you see, there was a tiny amount of separating in the container on the left.

One of my favorite little areas in my home is my toy sewing machine shelf.  Between the sewing machines is a pin cushion in an antique cup. 

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