Sunday, March 16, 2014


Tea cozies are used for covering teapots, which allows for hot tea longer than with a bare teapot.  Cozies also dress up your table and give it a bit of nostalgia.  Some are made with side openings for the spout and handle to fit through and some fit over the entire teapot.    Many tea cozies made by other people are made without lining, but I feel they need that finishing touch and extra warmth of a lining.   I also feel a cozy is not complete without a topper.  I usually make a loop on the top of the tea cozy and hang a removable decoration on this loop.  I suggest a drip catcher should be used on the spout so the cozy does not stain from tea.

The legend of the first tea cozy began when a farmer reached across the table; his hat fell off and landed over the teapot on the table.  The teapot was kept warm and cozy due to the hat, so the farmer's wife knitted a cover for the teapot and called it a cozy.
There are several types of tea cozies.  One type will fit over a teapot like a dome.  Another type goes under a teapot and ties around the pot allowing the spout and the handle to be out of the cozy.  With this type,  the lid is exposed or partially exposed.  The third type of tea cozy is one that fits over the pot allowing the handle and the spout to be exposed.  This is the most common type.  Most tea cozies I make are made by knitting, crocheting, or a combination of the two.  I do, however, like to line cozies with cotton fabric and use cotton batting between the fabric and fiber.   I have seen antique cozies with wool or cotton stuffed between layers for that extra warmth. 

One side of my new tea cozy.

The reverse side of my new tea cozy.

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