Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in Action

 Do you ever have one of those days that turns into one of those weeks and then one of those months.....  Actually I am referring to my electronics.  My computer finally had to be replaced.  It has too many issues to list.  Then my camera memory card got stuck inside my camera.  A new memory card did not work. On the bright side, I only lost a couple pictures.  I finally replaced the camera, so you will see pictures again.  Lucky you.  LOL

I have continued making pot holders for crafting pleasure.  I plan to sell and gift most of them.  I use a thin cotton yarn to make them.  The yarn is a bit thicker than what grandma used, but it is not thicker worsted weight yarn. 


Today was Glenn's moving day. 

A few years ago the squirrels planted a peach tree in my front flower bed.  I let it grow, but kept the side trimmed and away from the driveway.  It is an odd shaped tree, but this year we have several peaches.  The peaches are smaller than the store bought ones and they are not as ripe.  I had to brag a little about having my own peaches.
 I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day!

Thank you for viewing.

 Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie

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