Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Week I have Learned

This week I have learned to look at the definition of commitment differently.  I thought that a committed. long-term,  monogamous relationship between two people would be when these two people love and care about each other,  share secrets and personal information together, make it known  they are together, make plans and goals together and peruse these plans and goals together,  support each other emotionally, be proud of each other and not be ashamed to seen in public with each other, be romantically faithful  both physically and emotionally,  and accept and love each other’s families at his or her own.   To me, this is not the same as marriage.  In marriage, the couple would share the same home, bed, income and expenses, have a legal marriage certificate --- in the eyes of the church and the public, and be responsible for each other’s debts.  What I found out this week is that a couple is only in a relationship  when both of them are ready for that relationship to go public on Facebook and withstand all comments, positive and negative.  If  both parties of the relationship are not ready to go public on Facebook, then they may not  be in a committed, long-term, monogamous,relationship between two people. LOL What do you think? 

Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie

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