Thursday, June 20, 2013

Relocating a Rooster to Old Goat (Relocation) Ranch and other misc. ramblings

One of our chicks developed into a rooster despite the sexing tests they did prior to sending the chicks to us.  It is not 100% accurate. The tester will mostly determine the sex of the chick by careful observation of the chick.  Some breeds are easy to test and others are not.  The testers may look at wing feathers, the vent, or the color of the chick to determine the sex of the chick.  This is not the first rooster we received from a purchase of girls chicks and it probably will not be the last.  We have a friend that lives in the country and we re-locate our roosters to his ranch.  In Wichita, we are not allowed to have more than 12 hens and roosters are allowed.  (To have 12 hens, you need a special permit and yes, I have one.)  Roosters do not only crow in the mornings and they can be quite loud!  The kids were asked take pictures of the rooster in his new home environment and show his beauty.  Most of the real pretty chickens are the roosters.  A hen at the ranch just hatched two chicks a few days ago.  A pictures of the chicks are included with the photos.  The mother hen is not in any of the photos.  She must be hiding from us.  LOL  She is a Golden Laced Wyandotte.  The daddy is a Buff Orpington.  One chick is light and one is dark.  It will be interesting to see how they turn out as they develop into big hens or roosters.  Here are pictures of the country and the animals.   
Unfortunately you get to see Daddy Long Legs in the container we used to transport him in.  The next picture shows a sliver of him, but you can't see his true beauty.  The red on the comb is a very vibrant red and the black tail feathers shine with blue and green colors when the light hits them just right.

The girl to the left was raised with the rooster for a couple of months.  I think they will remember each other.

Proud papa.....missing a few tail feathers in a mishap.

Young female cow

3 goats

Dylan and Amanda
I have been trying to develop little ways to use old decorating magazines.  I strip many of the magazines and keep the good idea pages.  What do you do with the rest??? I have decoupaged with cut out photos of flowers, gardens, and other nature from my magazines.  I made little boxes to use as gift boxes with magazine pages.  With the enormous amount of magazines I have, these ideas are not too helpful at eliminating my stacks.  I tried making paper roses and placing glitter on the edges.  This works OK too, but I still need to find more uses for my magazines.  The landfill is not really where I want them to end up.  In my latest attempt, I used scrapbook cutting gadgets and I cut circles with a decorative edge.  I cut 3" circles and placed a 2" circle of another color inside.  Most of the center circles were made from scrapbook paper.  In the center of these two papers, I placed a brad.  I used fancy schmancy brads, but plain or hand painted would work just as well.  Mine were purchased from:  This is an easy way to decorate a plain sack -- just punch a hole with the brad or use a paper punch and attach the decoration through the hole.

Granny Square Chair.  Do you have a wing that needs a new look due to the uglies or worn upholstery? Try this idea:   
You could adapt the idea to fit most any chair. This is not my idea, I found it on the internet.  

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie

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