Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Completed Baby Hat and My Wild Imagination

I finished the second baby hat.  I hunted for a pattern where the hat was knitted on a pair of single pointed needles with a seam up the back.  I crocheted the seam, so it looks neatly sewn.  The seam also blends with the pattern. I hope this becomes a family heirloom.  We have become a society of disposable items.  I would like to see this hat taken care of and passed on to another child.  I made it with silky wool yarn and it is very soft!

 The following is another picture of the hat and a couple bars of re-batched goat milk soap.  Do you see a goat in the soap?  You may need to squint and hang your tongue to the right when you look. 

I circled the area in the following picture.  Yes, you need to look with imagination.  I noticed the image across the room.

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