Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Have Pastel Eggs!!!

I have been waiting for the Easter Egg hens to lay pastel eggs.  We gave 2 of our bunch to a friend and his hen or hens have been laying blue eggs for a week or longer.  Today, not only did I get one pastel egg, but I got two!  It is a light green-blue color.  I collected 7 eggs this evening and that is a big collection for us.  We get normally about 3 or 4 eggs on a regular day.  Since the eggs have a little green tint, does t hat mean I will be eating my greens when I eat one of these eggs?   

This morning I heard 4 little crows.  One of our 5 new chickens developed into a rooster................I have not identified the one yet.  I am sure it will be the prettiest one, MoEtta, (named for her Mohawk), or the littlest one, Mini Me.

 Blessings!  Dawnie
Please excuse the night glare in the photos.  I was anxious to show you the eggs.  The bottom 2 are the pastel eggs.

This cabinet is a light blue color and I thought you could see how the color of the eggs look next to the cabinet.

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