Saturday, June 1, 2013


When you think of a United States cowboy, where do you think they live?  I was looking at a website, the American Cowboy,  The website has a list of places which are considered to be home to cowboys.  I expected places like Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico, and Idaho to be on the the list.  I didn't expect for Hawaii or Florida to be listed as a place more populated by cowboys than Kansas.  Would you?  I am quoting the American Cowboy below. 

"Butler County [Kansas]
The largest county in Kansas by square mileage, Butler County was founded in 1855 by a rump legislature composed of pro-slavery Missourians who drifted in during the contest over whether Kansas would be a slave state or a free state. The county is a vast expanse of rolling grassy hills cut through by river valleys, with elevations ranging from just over 1,600 feet on down to about 1,150 feet. Farming and ranching have always been hugely important to the area, but the oil industry emerged as the major economic driver for the county following the 1915 discovery of oil on the John Stapleton farm north of town. Today, Butler County has a diverse economy including oil workers, ranchers, farmers, machinists, metal workers, and other types of manufacturers. With convenient access to the thriving city of Wichita just minutes down the highway, Butler is a wide-open Western dream come true with a modern touch.
County population: 65,817
Cattle population: 121,000
Median household income: $57, 573
Median home price: $122,500
Average land price per acre: $3,000–$11,000
Area: 1,430 sq miles
Dodge City,
arguably the most iconic cattle town and railhead in the West, hosts Dodge City Days (July 26–August 4). This annual celebration of the city’s rich Western heritage has a rodeo, barbeque contest, craft show, and country music. 620-227-3119,
Honorable Mentions: Finney County, Gray County"

 Where would you expect for cowboys to live?  Do you know any cowboys?  Do they just dress like cowboys or do they ride horses and tend cattle?

Have a wonderful weekend!  Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie
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