Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Cherry Almond

In order to have a whiter bar of soap and one that is harder and lasts longer, I needed to add palm stearic acid and titanium dioxide.  They are natural ingredients, but not something I can grow in my back yard.  I just finished making  a 17 pound batch of soap and it is setting up.  Hopefully it will be ready to cut soon!  I get so anxious to see my creations.  The picture shows the soap in molds setting up.  I place a plastic bag and a blanket over the soap while it sets up.  I ordered a new cutter a couple of weeks ago, but I doubt that it will be here in time for me to use for cutting this batch of soap.  I want to make the bars a tiny bit larger and the new cutter will allow me to cut one inch wide bars of soap.  Making soap intoxicates you and all you can think of is the next batch and how you will improve upon it, change the colors, change the fragrance, etc.  My house smells so wonderful!  The fragrance reminds me of my grandfather's favorite kind of ice cream, cherry vanilla.  Yummy!

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