Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Projects

New soap project.   I have Coconut/Blueberry soap in molds and not set up enough to cut.  You are viewing about 15 pounds of soap.  I hope it keeps the pretty blue colors as it sets up.   I have noticed all of my soaps are turning brown.  They still smell wonderful and lather nicely.  The fragrance oils are probably the cause of the brown colors.  Any goats milk and this type of ingredient may cause the browning also.   If I use essential oils, it will not have this brown effect.  Essential oils are more expensive, but there are some fragrances that are not able to become and essential oil, such as strawberry and blueberry.   I can also add a whitener and it will keep the soap from turning so brown and another item or two to make the soap harder.  I ordered some whitener and it should make the bars a little prettier when I experiment with it.  I tried adding an ingredient for hardening in this batch, but I am not sure if I added enough.  We will see when the soap cures.  The soaps that harden too fast due to the addition of some fragrance oil that speed up trace, are the ones that I like the best, as far as the texture goes.

Coconut Blueberry Soap Ingredients:
coconut oil, lard, sunflower oil, shea butter,  water,  lye,  jojoba oil infused with lemon verbena,  avocado butter,  fragrance oil,  unsweetened natural coconut pureed,  sweet almond oil, powdered coconut milk ,  pigment ,  palm stearic acid,  mica,  powdered silk,  cosmetic grade glitter,  blueberry seeds,  blueberry fiber

I am almost finished with this shawl scarf.  I had the perfect button for the front, but I am not sure where I put it.  Are people that have everything organized and in it's place creative?

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