Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tender Mercies

Every now and then, I like to watch the DVD Tender Mercies.  This is a movie from the 80's starring Robert Duvall.  It brings back old memories of my father.  My father passed away when I was 12.  The memory is of my father singing along with the radio "On the Wings of a Dove."  Robert Duvall sang the song On the Wings of a Dove, in the movie.   I remember riding in our old pick up and traveling to the hospital to visit my mom since she just gave birth to my little brother Patrick.  He is 6 years younger than I am.  I doubt that we could have seen Patrick since back then hospital rules required you to be 12 years of age in order to visit a patient in the hospital.  I also remember my father requesting that I light a match for him so he could smoke a cigarette.  I doubt I was much help.  lol  Earlier today I visited with my mother about this memory.  She said that a family friend, Bert Bates, from Downs was also in the waiting room and she never figured out why he was there.  It was fine that he was there, but a little out if character.   She gave birth to my brother at the hospital in Marysville, so he had traveled from Downs to visit.  Bert used to buy pop and candy bars for us at the local filling station.  Back then, pop was 5 cents per bottle.  I guess this is dating me.  lol

I took pictures of the peach tree.  It is loaded with peaches.  I hope a hail storm doesn't take remove several of these peaches.

The iris blooms out front on the iris look like white ruffles on a white shirt.  I watched another old movie that showed men and women with ruffled white shirts in the 1700's.  What do this look like to you? 

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