Thursday, May 13, 2010

Storms and Aluminum Foil Hats

Again yesterday we had storms.  My son was kidding about going out to play in the rain with thunder and lightning while wearing an aluminum foil hat.   I teased him and told him to make a hat and let me see what he came up with.  It is now his summer vacation and he needs plenty to occupy his time.  Of course, he enjoyed making private body parts, a pair of thongs, (not the feet kind), a head covering and veil like a Middle Eastern woman would wear, etc.  He finally finished his design and went outside.  Two minutes later he came back in without the hat.  I asked him where his hat was.   His reply, "It blew off."  After all that work, a simple design flaw was his downfall.  FYI:  If I thought there would be danger, I would have not let him go outside, but most of the storm was over and no lighting was going on at this time. 

Half way through a good nights sleep, I was awoken by the lights flipping on and my son telling me that I had just been coughing.  He wanted to know if I was OK.  I am finishing the second set of antibiotics from a sinus infection, and my cough has lingered on, but I didn't know I coughed in my sleep.  The next thing I knew was him moving the little dog over and he was jumping into bed.  He worries about me at times and he was afraid I might cough again.

I finished spinning all of the blue jean colored kid mohair.  The last skein is drying and the twist is being set in.  More pictures of the yarn later.

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