Thursday, December 19, 2013

Antler Delima and Life

I made a hat this week and I tried to make antlers for it.  I tried several ways to make the antlers, but I am not satisfied with the results.  I crocheted small tubes with acrylic yarn.  In these tubes I placed a silicone tube with wire inside of it.  This wire tubing was designed to tie up plants in the garden, etc.  I found the hat works better when it is on backwards, but no one would know the difference, except for me.  Do you have any good ideas for making antlers?

For fun and your viewing pleasure, I am modeling my hat in this picture with Bruce.
This child mohair hat is a Christmas present.  Is sure is fuzzy!

What have you been doing for the holidays?   This evening we watched the movie The Holiday.  As I  watched this movie I longed to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland.  I want to view the cozy country cottages, watch sheep graze in the green pastures, explore fences made from stones, and sip tea from a china cup in front of a roaring fire in a fireplace.  The most amazing experience would be to see all of the different tea cozies used and made in this part of the world.  Here we rarely use them, but I still prefer a hot cup of tea and a tea cozy will allow a teapot to stay hot longer.  Taking tea is not a tradition in Kansas, but it should be.  If you are interested in tea cozies, view the cozies at my shop.

Merry Christmas!  Dawnie

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