Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joy is Back!

You do not realize how attached you have become to a pet until that pet is gone.  I was so relieved to  have our Joy back home today.  She is such a fun dog.  She likes to splash in her water bowl when she is hot or happy.  She also hops on 3 legs when she is happy or feeling a little silly.  Three days ago, she snuck through a hole in the bottom of the back yard gate and ran down the block.  In the past when she could do a runner, she would run around a few yards and say hello to the other back yard dogs and run right back when she was called.  That day she did not come back.  We handed out fliers in the neighborhood and posted some fliers on telephone poles.  We walked up to complete strangers or drove up to them in the car to ask if they had seen our little Joy.  Not one person was rude or unsympathetic.  Many visited with us about his or her pets.  I obviously do not look like someone that will abduct another person, if there is such a look.  Many of the people have probably seen me in the neighborhood since we have lived in the same house about 20 years.  Our little girl is afraid of storms and firecrackers and just after she did her runner, the fireworks started.  My visions were of a tiny, defenseless Joy lost and hungry, shaking under a bush somewhere all alone.  Our neighborhood shoots off firecrackers year round.  I understand patriotism.  Shooting fireworks may be a display of patriotism, but not the only way to show it.  Voting is high on my list of patriotic duties, but enough of my bandwagon.  LOL  I grew up with sparklers and a few simple fireworks when we celebrated the 4th.  We spent many Independence Day holidays on my grandparent's farm.  On a farm, you do not shoot off loud fireworks or you would scare the cows and other animals, let alone the possibility of catching dry grass or leaves on fire.  With my son, we did not shoot fireworks at our home or elsewhere.  He was not a very careful child and he would think after doing, like most children do.  We allowed him to attend firework displays at the babysitter's home.  We also have always had several pets through the years.  Halloween and July 4 are difficult to celebrate with loud noises or lots of traffic to and from your home if you have pets.  The old dogs barked all night long and hid under the furniture.  When we had large parrots, we listened to shrills and loud squawks with every firecracker pop and maybe a, Come in." or a door squeak with the trick-or-treaters.   The older I get, the more I appreciate the quiet.  I should live in the country away from everyone, but I live in the city due to finances and circumstances or maybe is it financial circumstances.  LOL  Well  anyway, we have our "urban farm" in our back yard and I work around a lake which is populated with lots of ducks and geese; both of these situations give me that country peace.  Our precious Joy was returned by a lady in our neighborhood.  She picked Joy up from another lady in our neighborhood and took her home.  She wanted to find a new home for Joy if she could not find her owner.  The kind lady saw one of our fliers on a pole and called me.  A few minutes later she was back home.To celebrate the return of our Joy, I am attaching a few pictures of her.  Hug your loved ones, animals or humans, and enjoy them now.  You never know what life may bring.  Thank you for viewing my blog.  Thanks to my followers for viewing my blog on a regular basis.  I do appreciate all of you!   Happy 4th!   Blessings!  Dawnie

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